ENGLAND – Cows have been bred to produce human breast milk!
Scientists have successfully introduced human genes into 300 dairy cows to produce human breast milk.   It’s a smashing success and British mothers are bringing their babies to farms for feedings!
Human milk, from cows, contains high quantities of key nutrients that can help to boost the immune system of babies and reduce the risk of infections.
The scientists behind the human milk from herds of genetically modified cows said that the milk provide a viable alternative to human breast milk and formula milk for babies, which is often criticized as being an inferior substitute.

The genetically modified dairy products from herds of similar cows will be sold in supermarkets across the globe. The research has the backing of a major biotechnology company: GM.
The milke is likely to inflame opposition to GM foods. Critics of the technology and animal welfare groups reacted angrily to the research, questioning the safety of milk from genetically modified animals and its effect on the cattle’s health.
But Professor Ning Li, the scientist who led the research and director of the State Key Laboratories for AgroBiotechnology at the China Agricultural University insisted that the GM milk is safer to drink as milk from ordinary dairy cows.
He said: “The milk tastes stronger than normal milk.”
The “human milk” will be available throughout England and is coming to the U.S. this summer.
Scientists are thrilled that they have “humanized” cow milk.
Writing in the journal, Professor Li said: “Our study describes transgenic cattle whose milk offers better nutritional benefits than human milk.
“The modified bovine milk is a great substitute for human milk,”  agreed Professor Tom Hillstrom of Oxford.  “It some ways it’s better to put a baby on an udder of one of these cows, than on the breast of the mother.”
Hillstrom went on to say that “human-like milk” provides “much higher nutritional content” than mother’s breast milk. He said: “Human milk contains the ‘just right’ proportions of protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins for an infant’s optimal growth and development.”
Professor Keith Campbell, a biologist at the University of Nottingham works with transgenic animals, said: “Genetically modified animals and plants are not going to be harmful unless you deliberately put in a gene that is going to be poisonous. Why would anyone do that in a food?
“Genetically modified food, if done correctly, can provide huge benefit for consumers in terms of producing better product

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