NEW YORK – In a ruse to cover-up the fact that Facebook is shutting down, Goldman Sachs announced that U.S. citizens are banned from investing in Facebook.
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. has prohibited U.S. investors from participating in a private offering expected to raise up to $1.5 billion for social networking site Facebook, citing widespread media coverage that could run afoul of securities guidelines.
That’s the official report.  WWN has learned that the truth is that Goldman Sachs is trying to cover-up the fact that Facebook is shutting down on March 15th.  This story broke right here on WWN and has since become one of the hottest stories on the internet.
Goldman Sachs doesn’t want to have egg on its face when Facebook “goes dead” on March 15th, so they are trying to distract and deflect attention from the big news with the silly notion that U.S. investors can’t participate in the Facebook IPO.
“Ban U.S. investors?” said Jonathan Hoenig of Capitalist Pig.  “You can’t ban U.S. investors, we are the ones that made Facebook.   It is an American company.  Of course, U.S. investors should be allowed to participate.  And all Americans should make a killing in the deal.”
The investment bank said it decided to restrict the fund to prospective shareholders in Asia and Europe.
The truth is that investors in Asia and Europe haven’t all heard the news that Facebook is shutting down.   Goldman hopes to pocket the investment dollars from investors in these countries – hopefully before they realize that Facebook is going out of business.
In a statement, Goldman Sachs said it made the decision on its own and “believes this is the most prudent path to take.”  Rumors that Goldman Sachs partners are just tired of their teenagers spending all their time on Facebook, so they are pulling the plug on the deal – are completely false.  Though they may be true.
Goldman Sachs has VERY close ties to the Obama Administration.  Some say, VP Joe Biden, is a Goldman Sachs mole.  Isn’t it odd that Facebook is closing down right when the deal with Goldman is being finalized?  Is the government colluding with Facebook?  With Goldman?  What exactly is going on here?
“There’s a massive government cover-up about the shuttering of Facebook,” said Dr. Thomas Hillstrom, chief counsel for the government watchdog group,  We The People Power.  “There is a corporate-government scam being perpetrated on the American people – and Facebook users across the globe.  We intend to get to the bottom of it.”
Goldman Sachs set up the offshore fund, which initially was to have been available to investors in the United States.  The offshore fund is on a tiny island off New Jersey.

Goldman Sachs has declined to specify when the offering may close – though insiders know that it never will . It is expected to raise as much as $1.5 billion for the privately held Facebook, the world’s largest Internet social network  – right before it shuts down.
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, 26, has been in no hurry to take the company public, partly because he hoped to preserve a free-wheeling culture – and partly because he intends on shutting it down and starting a new company.
WWN has confirmed that Facebook is shutting down.  Facebook users around the world are outraged.
A petition has been started to Save Facebook.  Sign it and stop Goldman Sachs from abetting in Facebook’s demise!

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  1. maybe facebook destroys lots of lives but facebook also helps so many people to find lost relatives lost friends …i love facebook plsss dont shut down we need you…your already part of our life !!!!!!

  2. facebook is evil with all the rogue app's running wild. you the user are slaves for facebook to make a buck. they care nothing about your security. why would you the user want to support this kind of site i'll never know.

  3. maybe facebook helps so many people but facebook also destroy lots of lives. i hate facebook please shut down we don't need you. dont be a part in our life

  4. I hate Facebook!! I'd like very much if it was real! But I also am reading a lot of articles where they say that it is a false rumor! Please, tell me the truth!! What is happening??


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