NEW YORK – Weekly World News is proud to announce 2010’s Nurse of the Year.

Bat Boy handed out the 2010 Nurse of the Year Award last night in a cave in West Virginia.
This year’s winner:  Betty Lichtenstein, 57 of Danbury, Connecticut.
Betty held a dinner for herself honoring herself as “Nurse of the Year”  but was convicted of fraud and will spend nine months in prison for practicing nursing without a license.
Betty was stripped of her Nurse of the Year Award.
But WWN is giving it back to her.   For believing in herself, for making others believe in her, for trying to do good in a world that is often bad and for being put in jail by a state that has serious healthcare issues, WWN awards Betty Lichenstein the 2010 Nurse of the Year Award.
Bravo, Betty!

Betty was working for Dr. Frank Welch, when Welch complained to the Connecticut Department of Health that Lichtenstein had acted in an unprofessional manner.  An investigation found that Lichtenstein was never licensed to practice nursing.  Never mind that Dr. Welch was found guilty of fondling several of his female patients the year before, is addicted to Vicodin and likes to kick dogs – he didn’t like the way Betty acted in his office and he wanted her out.

What did she do?

During her employment, Lichtenstein injected patients with medicine, wrote prescriptions and gave medical advice to Weiss’ patients, according to prosecutors.  Patients, however, said that Betty helped them much more than Dr. Welch.  Was Dr. Welch jealous of her?  You bet.

Welch and his staff believed Lichtenstein was a registered nurse partly thanks to a “Nurse of the Year” award given to her at a November 2010 dinner hosted by the Connecticut Nursing Association.

Now Betty is behind bars.  But she’s behind bars with a Bat Boy Bobblehead.
Congratulations, Nurse Betty!
P.S.   Betty, there’s a file in that Bobblehead!

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