IOWA CITY, IA –  A chicken nugget has been discovered in the shape of the Sacred Heart of Jesus!
A peculiar item has been spotted on eBay, a chicken nugget in the shape of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Sacred Heart for many Catholics represents Jesus’ love for humanity. It is often used to symbolize the love and admiration that one has for Christ.
The heart shaped piece of processed chicken was discovered by the daughter of a nurse in a Chick-Fil-A nugget pack. The mother, who ironically works in the Cardiac division of an Iowa City hospital has put the item up for auction on eBay in order to help pay off her student loan debt. There is no documentation with the nugget to prove its origin, not even a receipt of purchase, but the seller insures all interested parties that it is in fact made of chicken and purchased from Chick-Fil-A. However, it is hard to believe that the seller can actually know that it is made from chicken.
Since the posting on eBay a small group of devote Catholics, in Frostproof, FL, have become enraptured by the religious anomaly and have come to view it as an article of worship. The nugget now referred to as the “Nugget of Jesus” by its devout followers and has become an object of desire for the group.

Even though the Vatican has yet to approve the apparition, the cult following is now looking to raise the $10,000 list price for the “Nugget of Jesus” in order to insert the religious wonder into the golden shrine that they plan to erect for it. Until then they will have to continue to worship the nugget on a MacBook Air that continually monitors the auction.
The “Nugget of Jesus” was discovered by Break.com on October 26 of this year. However, the nugget was not brought to the attention of the Weekly World News until Christmas day via Facebook by user Taryn Knight. And what a wonderful present it was, thanks Taryn. At the time of this report the listing has had 3,488 and over 24 days are left in the auction so don’t miss out on your opportunity to own this important piece of religious iconography.

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  1. a chicken nugget could be in the shape of anything clouds change shape all the time seriously its not a biggy take of the batter and if jesus is in there that would be worthy news


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