ATLANTA –  A mystery red fireball was seen above Atlanta last night.  Authorities confirm it was a UFO.

In the last two months there have been an increase number of UFO sightings – red UFOs, blue UFOs, red streaks across the sky, green streaks across the skies…  As reported on this blog before, the U.S. Government is covering up the ongoing alien invasion, documented extensively by the United Nations Panel on Extraterrestrials.

Last night in Atlanta, there was another UFO sighting.

A DeKalb man happened to have a camera rolling when what looks like a fireball floated in the sky overhead last week. Or maybe it was just an optical illusion created by a passing aircraft.

Charsign Raymond, of Clarkston, was visiting a friend’s apartment just west of downtown Stone Mountain when his friend’s wife happened to drive up.

“She ran in and said, ‘Look, you’ve all got to see this,” Raymond recalled.

Raymond, 39, had been playing with his video recorder, and he got out of the apartment in time to capture whatever it was in the sky.

It looks like a double-barreled ball of fire falling toward earth.

Raymond contacted the AJC last weekend with his find and later loaned a reporter his videotape so the AJC could publish it here.

On Monday, a reporter visited the site where Raymond shot the video. The apartment is off the intersection of Memorial Drive and James B. Rivers Memorial Drive. Raymond’s camera was aimed at the southwestern sky.

The DeKalb Police Department had no reports of fireballs hitting the county recently.

Mekka Parish, a police department spokeswoman, said she probably would have heard about it if one had.

“Interesting, but I didn’t hear a rumor about something like that,” she told the AJC on Monday.

This incident, which occurred at around 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 28, is about as strange as the unexplained explosion that rocked Villa Rica west of Atlanta two days earlier.

People in three counties — Carroll, Douglas and Haralson — complained about hearing a loud boom around 9:45 p.m. on Nov. 26. Police officers and firefighters responded to the Mirror Lake neighborhood in Villa Rica, but found nothing — not even smoke — that would indicate something had exploded.

Authorities there later guessed that the noise had been a sonic boom, but the Federal Aviation Administration said there were no commercial aircraft fast enough to produce such a noise.

WWN has learned from insiders in the CIA that last night’s red streak was, in fact, a UFO… and is part of the ongoing alien invasion – which is projected to last until 2015.

They’re coming, they are here… when are you going to believe?

Here’s the YouTube video from last night:


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9 thoughts on “ATLANTA FIREBALL”

  1. ufo? yes…cause its an unidentified flying object. Aliens, no. Its probably space junk from old satellites re-entering and burning up as it does so. Sheesh…

  2. HI..I live in Australia and have identical footage from 2005-2007.The right hand side streak in the footage also matches the same footage I have over 2 years of exactly-not similar, but exactly the same two trails. I called the right hand streak a FMOS -Fast Moving Orange Streak (here they are possibly F18A Hornets Aircraft) … I would like to speak to the person who filmed them if anyone can put us in contact with each other-I have 35 hours of footage of these large trails and thick orange trails. When I first watched this I thought hey they have stolen my footage, even the trees are almost in the same position. I speculated that the FMOS to the right was actually there in-case the high altitude craft had any trouble and they could pin-point where it crashed if it did. Id say these are actually test craft with something to do with the new Sub-orbital tests for space travel.

  3. Obviously not a "Fireball". Movement is not even visible in the video. This is a picture of an aircraft contrail taken with the sun low in the sky reflecting red light on it. You can even see the dual nature of the contrail.from the heat of the engine exhausts. A non-event just like the so called "missile launch" of a few weeks ago. This shows the level that so called "news" has reached.

  4. I've seen this fire ball in the sky twice,!!!!!!!!!!!! Once in August of 20011, and it was bright ,red and round. And the first time i saw this red fire ball was in August and i was on my porch swing and a friend of mine was sitting on the porch with me, and she was sitting across from me, looking straight ahead , and i happen to turn my head around to look behind me and i look up and for some reason i did that , but i saw this big red fire ball coming at me , straight at me and i thought it was going to hit me in the face, but it came at me at a incrediable race then dissappeared into thin air, and i said to my friend as i was looking at this ball of fire, and she said she saw it too. We were both in awh.and wow . This is true and ever since this has happened to me i have had dreams come to me and my dreams have come true, as God has something to reveal to me and i feel strongly about these fire balls , and the second one i have seen was last night,, i love God more than anything in this world.


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