VANCOUVER – Scientists have successfully cloned Justin Beiber.  They plan to  form the world’s greatest boy band!

“In a world where internet singing sensations are a dime a dozen, it only makes sense to take the greatest boy singer ever, clone him, and produce the greatest boy band of all time,” said Ed Rothenberger, a scientist in the University of Vancouver’s genetic research department. “Now girls will have four times the Beiber to swoon over!”

Scientists at the university said they were able to clone Beiber by using DNA from a strand of his golden, shaggy locks. After a few days of expirementation, they were able to create three perfectly identical Beiber clones.

“They all look exactly the same,” said Will Shapiro, a lab technician at the University of Vancouver. “Every single one of them has the same goofy smile, the same cheesy haircut, and the same arrogant, upturned nose. It’s unbelievable!”

According to recent reports, scientists at the university have teamed up with British billionaire Sir Richard Branson to market and publicize the genetically modified boy band.

“We’re going to call it ‘Just The Beibs,’” said Branson. “It’ll be every twelve year olds’ dream come true.”

But even from the get-go, the group has run into its fair share of logistical problems. That’s why Branson has called in Keith Campbell, the scientist known for his ground breaking work with Dolly the cloned sheep, for help.

“As the clones develop, the real challenge has been dealing with their individual,” said Campbell, “not to mention keeping track of which one is the original Beiber.”

Still, Campbell remains hopeful that the Beiber super group can pull it together within no time.

“Once the remaining kinks are worked out with the clones, they will be ready for the studio. We expect to have them laying down tracks in the months to come.”

Other celebrities have expressed interests in being cloned, and scientists at University of Vancouver have not ruled out the possibility of cloning other pop-culture icons.

“What Beibs is doing is mad smart,” proclaimed Kanye West, a fellow member of the Island Def Jam label. “It even made me want to clone myself. Because the one thing world could always use is another cocky, untalented Kanye West!”

Representatives from Island Def Jam records declined to comment on the release date of the Boy Band’s debut album but inside sources have said to be on the look out for the debut album “We are One” in late spring 2011.

[photos by Boy Mack]

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  1. its a joke… cloning is impossible without something to give up with equal or greater value. So they either killed 3 living things to do this or its fake.


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