ALBANY – New York Gubernatorial candidates get ready for tonight’s second debate.

Tonight is the second debate for the candidates in the New York gubernatorial race.  Top candidates are Andrew Cuomo (Democrat),  Carl Paladino (Republican) and Jimmy McMillan (Rent Is Too Damn High).

The last debate had seven candidates up on stage,  but organizers have limited to the top three this time.  It should be another informative, high-minded political debate between three powerhouse candidates.

Andrew Cuomo was seen outside a Merrick deli on Long Island this morning.  He was reasserting his Catholic roots, his devotion to the Blessed Mother and professing that he is a Christian who wants to get the Christian vote.

Jimmy McMillan was in Scarsdale, trying to convince residents that the Rent Is Too Damn High!  in the rest of the state.   After speaking with some residents he vowed to expand his platform and will now be saying:  Taxes Are Too Damn High!

Meanwhile, Carl Paladino was criss-crossing the state with his staff, convincing everyone that he loved gay people, he just doesn’t want any of them in New York State.

The debate is predicted to be lively and entertaining.  Jugglers and strippers will appear on stage in between questions, so the audience does not get bored.  The candidates will cover all the major concerns of citizens in New York:  pie-making, small cars and fire hoses.

Current NY Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo, is the frontrunner, but he still feels he has to do some “dancing” for the citizens of New York.  He will be doing an interpretive hip-hop dance to the hit Jay-Z tune, Empire State of Mind.  Carl Paladino will be singing the old Connie Francis song, Where The Boys Are and Jimmy McMillan will be performing a monologue from a new David Mamet play entitled, The Rent Is Too Damn High!

The debate will be televised on Fox News with Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade as the moderators.

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