LAS VEGAS –  In a new national trend, women across America are marrying themselves.

The Little White  Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas is reporting that women have been making arrangements to marry themselves in small ceremonies.   Many other churches, synagogues and town halls across the country are also reporting that more and more women are showing up to…  marry themselves.

“It’s too hard to find a man, a good man.  Most of them are immature losers,” said Natalie Kim.  “I wanted to get married, have a party and invite my friends.  So I did.”   Kim went on to say, “I felt pressure to settle down, and realized that I would never be able to love a man as much as I love myself.”

Kim also said that she was better in bed “by myself” than with any man she’d ever been with.  “They don’t know how to satisfy me, like I do.”    Kim, like many women, feel that men are becoming less necessary.  Kim plans to start a family in about a year – “after I spend time getting to really know myself” – and she doesn’t need a man for that either.  “I bought enough sperm last week, to have a hundred babies.  But, I’ll probably just have two.”

Kim is planning on taking a solo honeymoon to Italy.  “They have great bathtubs in Italy.  I’ll be spending a lot of time with myself in those bathtubs,”  she said with a coy smile.

Many women across American are joining Kim in being alone – and married.  “There’s no nagging, no whining, no messy divorce, no in-laws!” said Jamina Hudson of Cleveland, Ohio.
Another woman just go married to herself in Las Vegas.   She doesn’t look happy but… you know, she knows it’s not going to be easy being married to herself.


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12 thoughts on “WOMAN MARRIES HERSELF”

  1. Marriage can be between whoever. I could marry my left foot if I wanted to. It doesn't have to be between 2 people. In China you're allowed to marry someone after they're dead.

  2. Some rape victims cannot be satisfied by men due to their fear of men and intimacy. Plus, many very self centered women have energy that is quite distorted which also makes it difficult to orgasm, especially if you're judgmental or selfish with the opposite sex.

    I've been with women who totally complain and whine that you can't give them an orgasm and not only that they get mad and angry (wonder why). I've also been with women with no attitude, expectations, temper or selfishness who orgasm all over the place and are just plain happy bouncing around with huge grins on their faces afterwords yet I didn't do anything different.

    If all you care about is personal satisfaction you WILL end up alone. There's no room for selfishness in relationships.

  3. ^ Haha, those women were probably lying their asses off. And the ones complaining weren't selfish, they just told you the HARD , COLD truth.

  4. so when they meet someone they like and date them…are they cheating on themself. what about when they do want to get married….how do one divorce themself….guess men are from mars and women from venus

  5. If you don't want to marry someone than don't, marrying yourself is absolutely redundant and misses the point, both of the purpose of marriage and making the decision to not marry. She wants to give in to society's pressure of getting married, or possibly even rebel against it, yet doing this satisfies neither of those, so she's putting herself through the completely hollow and sad motions of it for nothing.

    And if you want to throw a party or go on a vacation, just throw a party and go on a vacation. The reason Miss Kim gave is bs, and if she isn't doing it out of irony, which is still a dumb reason to go through all that, she's lying to herself and this is really sad. It's possible someone may have a genuine reason for wanting to marry themselves, but that shouldn't be it.


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