HOLLYWOOD – Perez Hilton, 2.0 – the softer, kinder version – has opened a stuffed animal zoo.

Celebrity blogger extraordinaire has promised that he will be a nicer guy from now on.  And as a first step to a more cuddly Perez, he has decided to open the world’s first Stuffed Animal Zoo.   It’s called the Perez Stuffed Animal Zoo — or PSaz!

Perez is especially excited about getting a rare stuffed Panda doll from southeast china.  Here is the doll,  Pre Pre, named after Carried Prejean who famously had to handle a tough Miss USA question from Perez.


Perez called Prejean a “dumb bitch” but now he’s backing off and is just calling her “unintelligent.’   Prejean likes the new Perez and has said she wants to be one of the first to the Perez Stuffed Animal Zoo.   She wants to pet one of his ponies.

Perez is serious about his new attitude: “I’m going to do things differently than I have in the past. I’m not going to call people nasty nicknames. I’m not going to go the mean route. I’m going to force myself to be funnier or smarter,” Hilton told Ellen DeGeneres on her show yesterday.
Hilton, who is openly gay, says it is because of recent incidents such as the death of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide last month after being the victim of cyberbullying.  “I don’t want to be a bully. I don’t want to be called a bully,” Hilton says in a video on his site.
The 32-year-old blogger, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, came under fire recently for speaking out against bullying gay teens, with some accusing him of being a hypocrite.  But Perez is sincere, “From now on I really want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem,” he said to DeGeneres.
Here’s the old snarky, wild, bold Perez:

And here’s the softer, kinder, more lovable Perez:

But having built his blog empire on snark, can Hilton stick to his promise?   “Will my traffic go down?” he asks in a video on his site. “If it does, I don’t care, because I’m growing. I’m going to challenge myself to be better at what I do and I hope that you will stay with me.”
Here’s Perez telling the world about how he is going to do things differently:

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  1. Perez needs to get a little thicker skin and stop crying. Ed Anger doesn't change his opinion because someone gets their feelings hurt


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