The NFL is changing its rules to outlaw tackling.  It will now be a flag football league.

The NFL has been under a great deal of pressure to make the game safer and free from bullying.   NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell met with President Barack Obama last week.  In closed door discussions, the President told Goodell that football was much too violent and that Goodell had to do something about the violence or the President said, “I will.”
So, the NFL announced the most drastic rule change in the history of the sport.  It has banned tackling.


“It’s just too dangerous out there for our players,” Goodell reportedly told ESPN.    “There’s too many injuries, too many negative health issues for our players as they get older.   And, frankly, the lawsuits from former players are having a negative impact on the league.”


The NFL feels that fans will grow to love the new flag football league.  “The game is essentially the same,” said an NFL insider.  “Players still run, pass and kick.  There is tackling – but instead of hitting a player, you grab a flag.  The fans may love the game even more, because there will be more finese to the game. We are excited about it.”


 But the league’s all-time leading rusher, Emmitt Smith, thinks the NFL should have its own head examined.
“They’ve absolutely lost their minds,”  Smith said.  Many other players echoed Smith’s sentiment. There were also major protests from fans in every city across the country.
Some members of the Arizona Cardinals are already practicing for the new “improved” game:


Senators from 12 states said they would bring the matter up on the Senate Floor.  But they are not hopeful that they can change the NFL’s mind.  “President Obama doesn’t want tackling in football and he has said he will do everything in his power to take the NFL down if it doesn’t ban tackling,” said a Senator from Wisconsin.  “The NFL really has no choice.”
So, get ready for your Fantasy Flag Football League!


  1. Good! I played for years in high school and college and I am still suffering from injuries that I received nearly 30 years ago! The game should and must become safer! Viva President Barack Obama!


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