Mayor Bloomberg and NYPD Police Chief Ray Kelly have decided to take all the guns away from NY C police officers.
In an effort to curb gun violence, Mayor Bloomberg announced that NYPD officers will no longer carry guns.  “We feel that guns should be removed from all aspects of life.  If there are no guns, there will be no deaths caused by guns.  It’s that simple,” Bloomberg reportedly told the press on Sunday.
NYPD Intelligence
Bloomberg repeatedly mentioned that there are no guns in England and that police officers in London do not have guns either.  “They manage fine without guns.  I think that by doing this, we will have a safer, more peaceful city.”
The Mayor wants NYPD officers to look more like this:


Here’s the Mayor with guns he is taking away from the NYPD officers:


Police Office Ray Kelly did acknowledge that some police officers will be in  greater danger now when they confront criminals who are armed.  “But we are going to retrain our officers, teach them how to defend themselves when they don’t have a gun. There are a lot of things you can do.   You can be aggressive in the way you subdue a criminal, without using a gun.”


This NYPD Captain isn’t happy about his men about walking around gunless.
The NYPD  is going to teach the police officers how to better use their police batons and tasers.  “We will be using the tasers much more often,” Kelly reportedly told WWN.  “And we will purchasing some long-range tasers that can accurately hit, and disable, a target from over two hundred yards.”
The Super Tasers will be given to the NYPD in May, the same month that officers have their guns taken away from them.


The Mayor’s bodyguards will be allowed to carry guns, however.  “The Mayor does not want to risk anything happening to the Mayor,” said a Bloomberg advisor.  “With every rule there has to be a few exemptions.”

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  1. Guns taken from Officers? No, change to laser, non-killing or tranquilizing ones.
    I hate to hear of good Officers victimized by tash in human form.

  2. I resent having to write this, trash in human form, becuase I resent to hear of good Officres being drgged to pit levels! Instead of bullet Guns, change to Lazer or Tranquilizing ones, don't we have the technology today?

  3. Haha You're all idiots if you believe this garbage of an article. No one in their right mind would take an officers gun… You know what officers are in England are? Security guards…They're worthless.

  4. After the civil war, policing became more para-military in character, with the increased use of uniforms and military ranks. Before this, sheriff's offices had been non-uniformed organizations without a para-military hierarchy. Thanks.
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