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Chupacabras Terrorize Suburban TULSA


Oklahoma residents are in a panic after reports of strange creatures known as “chupacabras” terrorizing the suburban town of Edmond. Eyewitnesses describe the beasts as having razor-sharp teeth, glowing eyes, and the ability to suck the life out of their prey.

The chupacabras have been spotted attacking local farms, leaving behind a trail of dead livestock. The once peaceful community is now on high alert, with many residents too afraid to leave their homes after dark.

Mrs. Eleanor Smith was one of the first people to spot the creature. “I was outside feeding my cats when I saw this thing. It had fur all over its body, big sharp teeth and glowing red eyes. I knew right away it was a chupacabra!”

And what did you do when you saw it?

“I screamed and ran inside, locked my doors, and called the police!”

We also talked to Jayson Jameson, who saw the creature just a few streets away from Mrs. Smith’s home.

” I was walking my dog when I saw this big, ugly creature with long arms and legs. It had fur all over its body, big sharp teeth and glowing red eyes. I knew right away it was a chupacabra!”

What did you do when you saw it?

“I grabbed my dog and ran back to my house as fast as I could. I called the police and they told me that other people in the neighborhood had seen it too.”


The local authorities have been flooded with calls from panicked citizens, but have yet to catch a glimpse of the mysterious creatures. Some have even started taking matters into their own hands, forming vigilante groups armed with shotguns and flashlights to patrol the streets at night.

The chupacabras have even become a hot topic on social media, with memes and viral videos spreading fear throughout the town.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, stated, “I never believed in the chupacabras, but now I’m not so sure. I won’t let my goats out of my sight for a second. It’s like a horror movie comes to life.”

The town is now in a state of chaos, with residents living in fear of the mysterious creatures lurking in the shadows. The search for the chupacabras continues, but until they are captured, the residents of Edmond can only wait and hope that they won’t be the next victims of the suburban Oklahoma chupacabra invasion.

Exclusive Chupacabras surveillance by Weekly World News
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