HOLLYWOOD – Pictures have surfaced of Lindsay Lohan injecting herself with a syringe!
Reports out of London say that Lindsay Lohan was seen shooting heroin into her veins at a party recently in Hollywood.
The picture above reportedly shows the troubled Mean Girls star wrapping a tourniquet around her lower arm – the method addicts use to raise a vein. Her right hand hovers the needle over the skin of her left arm.
Is Lilo on heroin?
Is this another horrifying revelation in the breakdown of Lindsay, who recently posted bail again to stay out of jail for 30 days?
Well, don’t trust those other tabloids.  WWN has the real story!
Lilo was NOT shooting up heroin.  She was, instead, injecting herself with a flu shot from Walgreens.  “Lindsay has been under a lot of stress lately and when you are under stress you are even more susceptible to the flu.  She didn’t want to be seen in public getting a flu shot, so she got the kit and did it at home,” said her publicist, Jamie Monroe.
Michael Lohan confirmed the fact that Lilo was injecting a flu shot into her veins.  “She was just having fun at a party, and knew it’d be misinterpreted.  Everyone will know that it’s true when she does NOT get the flu!  She hates getting sick.”
Here’s two other pictures from the same party.  It is easy to see that it’s your typical flu shot syringe, not a heroin syringe:

At the same party, a photo was taken of Lindsay “hooking up” with her good friend, Paris Hilton

“They are not sucking face in that picture,” said Jamie Monroe. “Lindsay and Paris were playing a game of ‘pass the gum’ and somebody snapped a picture.  It was all innocent. They played charades right after the photo was taken.”
So there it is.  The scoop:  flu shot, gum and charades.  Lindsay is on her way to normal!

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  1. as a heroin user, i will say this- you don't need to find a vein in the inside of your arm for a flu shot. those are given intra-muscularly, just plunge it in anywhere and your good. lindsay very much looks to be putting that needle into the inside of her forearm, a great place for shooting any water-soluble drug really. she could be doing cocaine this way too. also. that spike looks exactly the same as the ones i use (there is no manufacturer, as far as I know, in American that markets a specific type of syringe for intravenous drug users. just my .02


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