NEW YORK, NY – Bat Boy has stepped aside as the Bachelor – opening the door for someone else!
A little bit ago, Weekly World News reported that Bat Boy would become the newest Bachelor. The long-running series which helps individuals find true love had decided to take a new direction to shake things up. The producers hung their hat on the idea of Bat Boy courting 25 women and helping America’s favorite mutant find true love. Well … that idea has slowly unraveled – but for good reason.
Bat Boy has found a cause that pulls at his heart a little more than finding love. He has teamed up with Bat Conservation International in hopes of putting an end to the epidemic sweeping the nation known as White Nose Syndrome. With his priorities in check, Bat Boy stepped aside and the Bachelor needed a new leading man.
Enter Brad Womack – again! Womack appeared on the show’s 11th season in 2007 and angered millions of fans when he left the final two women, DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft, heartbroken by not choosing either of them. His actions earned him the title of “most hated Bachelor ever.”
“I’ll tell you why I’m here again – I believe it can work,” he said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday. “I don’t care if people call me an idiot or don’t believe those words coming out of my mouth. I truly believe that it can work. So here are 25-30 women that I never, ever would meet in regular life. I’m clearly doing something wrong – I’m still single. So why I not? I really do believe that this can work.”
Talking about his first shot on The Bachelor, Womack said, “It was really tough to have 13-14 million Americans call you a jerk. So I spent a year or two, maybe three, defending myself adamantly. To answer your question, yes, I definitely have or had commitment issues. More importantly, that process was difficult. I thought that I was as open as I was supposed to be and clearly I wasn’t. I walked away and wound up all alone and left two girls standing there.”

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  1. brad you are so hot and so raw so honest i love that about you and you are so funny if you don't find a wife on the bachelor show i will be so honored to be that wife you're looking for


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