MEMPHIS –  To mark the 33rd anniversary of his reported death, Elvis went to Graceland and he brought Michael Jackson with him.
Thousands of fans will be visiting Graceland today to pay tribute to the late Elvis Presley, who supposedly died on this date in 1977.   WWN has learned that Elvis Presley, who is still alive, snuck into Graceland last night with Michael Jackson – also still alive.
Michael and Elvis had a lot to talk about.  They have been hiding together in an undisclosed European location ever since Michael Jackson’s reported death.  Elvis and Michael have teamed up for two reasons: 1) they are going to make an album together (to be released in 2011) and 2) they are on a mission to go after doctors that take advantage of music legends.   Both stars “died” because of abusive practices of doctors surrounding them.
Graceland Manor, which was purchased in 1957 by Elvis for around $90,000, is second to only the White House in terms of tourism. About 600,000 people come annually to see where Elvis called home.  Elvis, himself, makes the trip three times a year – for his birthday, the anniversary of his death and for the Memphis Blues Festival.
Today, the usual army of Elvis impersonators showed up at Graceland.  Elvis, reportedly, is not happy with these imitators and wants to work with the city, state and federal government to have them banned forever – a move which is supported by 85% of the population (the other 15% are Elvis impersonators).  Michael Jackson is joining with him, fearful that there will be a rash of Michael Jackson impersonators roaming the earth soon.
Former President George W Bush was part of the throngs of fans outside Graceland. “I loved Frank Sinatra.  He was always my favorite singer.”  When Bush was told that he was standing at Elvis Presley’s house, not Frank Sinatra’s, Bush replied, “Oh, I love ALL the Beatles. I’m just glad I made it here with all the traffic… mission accomplished.”
So, if you listen closely tonight, you will hear a duet by Michael Jackson and Elvis wafting in the air. They’ll be singing “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”
Though there have not been any recent Elvis (or MJ) sightings… they are here.  Always…
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  1. haha i found this article hilarious. good job. it just made my day. if only this article were true. but its so not. but still i like the thought of it. who knows may be somewhere mj and elvis are bonding. may be even john lennon and marlyn monroe are with them. lol.

  2. Is it a mere coincidence that the King's daughter married MJ? Then MJ dies young, a little older than Elvis by what? eight years. All evidence points to the King hoaxing His death.

  3. I love this article! It is so hard to find people who agree with the theoroy of both kings being alive.I have seen them making out in the streets of italy a few times.They are lovers and no one can convince me otherwise.


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