NEW YORK, NY – One individual is cashing in on his 15 minutes of fame!
When it comes to quitting jobs, nobody does it better than Steven Slater. Slater has become an instant sensation thanks to his recent mental breakdown. The former JetBlue flight attendant yelled at passengers, grabbed a beer and went down the plane’s emergency chute – opting to go with creative interpretation as apposed to the standard resignation letter when it came to quitting his job. It looks like Slater’s theatrics are paying off.
According to TMZ, Slater is in talks to get his own reality TV show. The premise – which is sheer genius – is to help miserable employees quit their jobs in style. If this goes through, millions are going to hate themselves for not cashing in on this idea earlier.
Citing “well-placed industry sources,” the gossip site claims that reality TV production company Stone Entertainment has offered Slater the chance to star in his own inspirational show, showing unhappy workers how to go out with a bang.
Stone Entertainment’s credentials include past reality shows such as “The Mole,” “NYC Prep,” “Top Design,” and “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style.”


  1. this flight attendant needs to get his act together or he will never be able to fly again. Jetblue is going to ask for a piece of profits from his reality show. I don't know why steven slater can't just speak with Jenny the assistant on how to properly resign


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