WASHINGTON, DC –  Paul McCartney was “In Performance at the White House” and… John Lennon showed up!
Paul McCartney went to the White House last month to accept the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. An all-star concert was put on for the President, the First Lady and distinguished guests.  At the end of the performance, the crowd witnessed a miracle when the ghost of John Lennon stepped onto the stage.
Bits and pieces of the PBS concert were leaked on YouTube over the past month, but Lennon taking the stage was kept under wraps. The White House didn’t want to admit that there was a ghost in the White House, even though President Obama has often mentioned that he sees Richard Nixon in the broom closet every now and then.
Weekly World News is working on getting the videotape of Lennon receiving the Gershwin Award with McCartney.
The show opened with a speech by President Obama. “It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly half a century since four lads from Liverpool landed on our shores and changed everything overnight.,” Then it was time for an A-list of  rock stars (Jack White, Stevie Wonder, Dave Grohl, Elvis Costello, EmmyLou Harris) to pay homage to the catalog that “earned McCartney this honor.” That’s when the lights began to flicker.
After Paul McCartney accepted the award he said, “As a great admirer of the Gershwin’s songs, I am highly honored to be given this Gershwin Prize by such a great institution as the Library of Congress.” That’s when all the lights went out.
As the lights slowly came up, the guests saw Lennon float onto the stage and grab hold of the award.  “I can’t take it anymore,” he said.  He turned to a stunned McCartney. “You think you would be standing here without me?  You’d be back in Liverpool teaching piano to school boys. This is OUR bloody award.”
“And you never liked Gershwin!”  Lennon added.
McCartney fainted, the audience gasped.  President Obama, however, was unfazed. He walked over, gave Lennon a big hug (though it looked like the President was just hugging himself – again). Lennon then took the microphone and told the audience that he was (and still is) the soul of the songwriting team. “I’ve heard all the songs Paul has written since I left the planet and there’s not one song I can stand listening to.”  Jerry Seinfeld, who was in attendance, tried to stand-up for McCartney, but Lennon told him to “go eat a glass onion.”
Yoko Ono was not there –  not in body, nor spirit.  This was good news to McCartney, who finally pulled himself together for the big finale, “Hey Jude.” Lennon didn’t approve of the song choice and cut it off.  Lennon then lead the crowd in a powerful version of his classic song, “Imagine.”
“Imagine if he were still alive,”  a teary-eyed Stevie Wonder said, “Imagine.”
When the song ended, Lennon waved his arms to the crowd, “I am a Walrus” and disappeared.
As John faded off into the night, some in the audience said they thought they saw him walking arm-in-arm with the ghost of Linda McCartney.
All you need is love…
Here’s “Hey Jude” before Lennon appeared:

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  1. This is completly ridiculous.
    Most of the songs that were played in this homage did not have any participation of Lennon.
    And Lennon himself praised many post Beatles songs composed by McCartney.
    To bring on this Lennon against McCartney thing again is foolish, since they were peaceful when Lennon passed away and despite the mutual critics and misunderstandings, they always paid tribute to each other and showed respect and mutual admiration.

  2. I thought it was great to have such a hip President that he would have Paul M come there to entertain them. I don't think they were putting Lennon against McCartney just praising them both for being such fantastic musical artist. I am sure John saw it from Heaven.


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