NEW YORK, NY – Betty White is like wine and gets better with age, well so to speak. She’s set to host Saturday Night Live!
Betty White vaulted back into the spotlight with her cameo in a Snickers commercial that launched during the Super Bowl. In it, a bunch of guys are playing football in the park and Betty White assumes the role of a guy that just doesn’t have it. The point of the commercial was that you’re not yourself when you’re hungry.
Well White has parlayed that commercial into hosting Saturday Night Live. Better yet, fans of White have used that commercial to get her on the show. The 88-year-old actress will host SNL on May 8th, Mother’s Day weekend.
“I can’t think of a better way to spend Mother’s Day weekend than with Betty White,” Lorne Michaels, creator and executive producer of SNL said.
The news of her hosting on Mother’s Day is somewhat ironic as speculation has began to arise that Betty White is actually pregnant. The news hasn’t been confirmed but Weekly World News first broke the news of her tryst with the Jonas brothers. If any more news comes about on the matter, WWN will be sure to report it first. Until then, we can only wait for what is sure to be a memorable SNL.

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4 thoughts on “BETTY WHITE TO HOST SNL”

  1. If Betty is indeed pregnant, doesn't she realize that she will be 110 when her child graduates college? Most 110 year olds do not have the energy or means to support thier offspring when they inevitably return to the nest after graduation. This, to me, seems rather selfish on Betty's part!


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