LOS ANGELES, CA – A former pop star has turned to desperation in an effort to revive his career!
Chris Brown’s career has been on life support ever since his incident with former girlfriend Rihanna. The 20-year-old singer-dancer plead guilty to felony assault and is on probation for five years. The fallout from ill-advised actions has been catastrophic and Brown has resorted to desperate measures to stage his comeback.
“Hey, what’s up, y’all? CB. I ain’t never really did this but right now I’m just calling ya’ll, I need all of my fans’ help,” a humbled Brown said in a 90-second clip on SayNow.com. “I need all the fans that I have, I need y’all’s help. It’s crazy because a lot of radio stations … some radio stations aren’t playing my records. They’re not being that supportive and I wouldn’t expect them to.
Brown released this plea to his fans last week and the desperation is quite obvious.  Brown’s recent album, Graffiti, has been less than successful when compared to his previous two. His 2005 self-titled debut album went double platinum and his 2007 album, Exclusive, went platinum. Graffiti has yet to achieve even gold status for album or single.
“It won’t be possible for me to be an artist if I don’t have support from people who give me an artist outlet,” Brown said. “I can’t be an underground mixture artist.”
Although it has been a year since his infamous incident, that’s not nearly enough time to heal the wounds. Brown might be going all-in a little too soon. He needs to relax and take a step back because it’s going to take some more time to completely fix his reputation. Releasing a new album merely eight months after everything seemed a little ambitious and its panned out that way. Chris Brown needs to stay positive and keep focusing on making himself a better person and the feel good news will start to pile up.

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14 thoughts on “CHRIS BROWN PLEA TO FANS”

  1. I think Chris is an amazing artist who made a very bad choice. And yes he should feel remorse and shouldnt have his fans support right away but he deserves to be forgiven. Im sure most of chris's fans are girls and thats why his sales arent doing well Girls never support a women hitter. I think he is going to have to earn back his fans respect and love. I love you Chris but dont support your bad choice to beat a women. Its never ok to hit some one no matter what the gender of the person is. Keeep pushing along chris…

  2. first off i think that people are being really ridiculous with this situation chris brown is not the first man to hit a woman and definitely wont be the last and no his actions were frowned upon but ok get over it that should have no barring on his success in record sales or anything like that ppl just get beside themselves when getting into other peoples business if he wasnt famous you wouldnt care as deeply if he hit someone… he has apologized again and again for his actions and after that its nothing else that can be done but him hitting rihanna doesnt make any less talented than he was before he hit her ppl need to learn how things of the past should not dominate the future….. for what its worth i am gonna supprt you chris until i cant support you anymore…..

  3. I enjoy Chris Brown as the outstanding artist that he is. He deserves a break. He knows what he did was wrong (unlike many people who just keep getting into trouble) and that says it all. Everyone needs to move on, move forward, be more positive and supportive. Keep up the good work CHRIS.

  4. I love chris brown so much. what he did was unaccceptable but i know he won't do it again. he is working on becoming a better person and i forgive him. he made a mistake but deserves a second chance. I support and love chris brown soo much always have and always will. team breezy for life!! <3 CB 4evaaa!!!

  5. i love chris brown im like his biggest fan.So what he made one mistake he apologized for and he know he was wrong for doing it.people make mistakes in life its only human.he has learned from his mistakes and i will always support him.

  6. Artist?? Is it ART that he produces? Hahahahahahah! Hahahahahahah! Art! Hahahahahahaha! That was amazing "ART" that he produced on Rhianna's face when he freaked out like O.J.
    If he had a knife like O.J. did and had butchered Rhianna would morons still be on here telling some of us to "get over it"?
    If that were my daughter you had done that to you would not be alive to show your ugly face another day.

    • Look here John Brown… i dont know you so why are you callin me a moron?? did he butcher her with a knife nooo so why are you talking about it???

    • You aint got no bling you needa get a job and stop living off yo mama… you aint got nun else betta to do than get on here and talk bout bling that you dont have. you a scrubby.. Peace yo

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