NEW YORK, NY – A Russian bombshell is not happy over her cameo in a Vince Vaughn movie!
The movie “Couples Retreat” was released last year and depicts the story of four couples who go away to paradise to rekindle their spark. Irina Krupnik, a former model and current makeup artist, has a huge problem with a certain scene within the movie.
Krupnik discovered that her image was used as a “masturbatory prop” for a character played by Jon Favreau. She contends that she was disgusted when clients recognized her from the scene that used her in a “sexual and degrading context.”
“The image of an older married man pleasuring himself to the picture of someone who was closer to the age of a child is disgusting,” said Krupnik’s lawyer Thomas Mullaney. “It was a swimsuit ad, not pornography.” Krupnik is suing the makers of the movie for $10 million.
Krupnik was 21 when she donned a bikini for a February 2001 modeling shoot in the Bahamas and the proceeded to sign a release allowing commercial use of the image through stock photo agencies. She did not intend, however, to have her image used as an X-rated prop for the “purposely unattractive male” played by Favreau in the Vince Vaughn movie.
“If you’re a good-looking young woman, you don’t want anyone leering at you or fondling you,” Mullaney added. “If someone did in Central Park what they showed in ‘Couples Retreat,’ they would be thrown in jail.”
The suit will aim to charge the movie makers with invading Krupnik’s privacy and defamation and will look to recover $10 million in damages for her “great humiliation, embarrassment, emotional distress, shame, mortification and injury to her reputation and career.”
It should be noted that “Couples Retreat” was panned by most critics and received less than stellar reviews. Perhaps the movie’s use of Krupnik’s image was in an effort to bring some “quality” to it. Krupnik is a good looking woman and there was nothing good looking about the movie. Maybe if the movie did just a fraction better, this wouldn’t be such an issue. One can’t blame Krupnik for not wanting to be associated with such a flop of a movie.

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