PHOENIX – Aliens fired a laser cannon at Phoenix.
It was caught on camera by a news report (see below).  WWN can confirm that aliens from Planet Gootan fired on Phoenix.
According to experts from the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials – it was just a warning shot.
“This is typical Gootan warfare,” said Dr. Susan Begley of the U.N. Panel.  “They fire warning shots for months and then they unleash their full arsenal of weaponry.”

What is most curious, is that it happened just days before the “Phoenix Lights” 15th anniversary.
On March 13, 1997 strange, unidentifiable flying objects were seen illuminating the night sky over Phoenix, Ariz, and were viewable in Nevada and New Mexico. Since then, many who saw the lights over the reported stretch of about 300 miles hold various theories as to their cause and recall the anniversary.

The U.S. military has continued to deny that the Phoenix lights were alien spaceships, but WWN can confirm that they were, in fact, aliens from Planet Xixuc.
“The Xixucians came here in 1997 to observe humans, and they left.  It isn’t until the last few weeks, that we have seen signs that they may have returned,” said Dr. Begley.
Dr. Begley was clear to point out that the Xixucians are docile aliens, but the Gootans – “they are here to cause mayhem.”

The U.S. Defense Department has dispatched its top Alien Defense Squad to Phoenix to monitor the situation.
“If they fire again, it will be the last shot they ever take,” said a Defense Department spokesman.
Let’s hope so…

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21 thoughts on “ALIENS ATTACK PHOENIX”

  1. Finally, the Gootans are attacking with something other than rocks! This is more like what youd expect from an advanced race.

  2. Can You afford Pancakes I saw a second flash behind the original flas to left is as is a transformer would leave loud pop sound I heard one and saw flash recently the train went by with no horn recently today and if it was traffic well The Goontans are from another world Andrea's in Video thats the VIDEO here on WWNEWS I saw had 2 visions I downloaded free version YOU TUBE TODAY>Chatted with XFINITY .

  3. By extraterrestrials or humans in the UFO? Anything is possible. The bigest problem might be human made rather than extraterrestrials.

  4. The decision to use rocks during the earlier stages of the invasion was surely made from an economic stand point. Literally everyone is on a budget these days, The Gootans are certainly not immune to the Universal Economic Downturn. Without doubt, choosing to hold off on using Gootan Missles for almost two years was simply the fiscally responsible move. Any reasonable conservative with half a head on their shoulders can appreciate that.

  5. Oh, come on! Missles require material and some kind of propulsion system to work. Lasers shoot beams of concentrated light, which has no mass. Im sure whatever they use to power the ship theyre in will have enough energy to power a laser.

    • Actually…..Gootan ships are powered by Gootan Forced Labor. Each ships engine room consists of 462 exercise bikes wired in parallel to 546 Boat/Marine batteries. Gootan missles are actually made of equal parts Soy and Whey protein mounted on top of a chemical rocket which in turn uses extremely dense marshmallow as a propellent.
      Great work on keeping the public up to date on the impending Gootan Invasion WWW!!!!

    • that's…. actually pretty smart, not using mainstream, hard to get materials. Got to hand it to the gootans, they got some pretty eco-friendly weapons for mass-murdering planet killers

  6. It was determined it was a breaker on an electrical line opened, causing a big flash and power outage according to Arizona public service. All other explanations are fabricated.

  7. """"""""therrrrre hear"""""""""" DON'T BE A DUMB BI-POD "WE" ARE NOOOOT ALONE IN THIS UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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