DAVENPORT, WA – The U.S. has opened an alien defense command center to protect America from the Gootans.

During the Cold War years underground missile sites were built in the United States to house weapons to defend America from attack by outside forces.

One decommissioned site in Davenport, Wash., is now the home of the National UFO Reporting Center and the U.S. Alien Defense HQs under the control of the Defense Dapartment.

For many years, the center’s director, Peter Davenport, dreamed of relocating his organization in a missile site and even living there himself.   And now his dream is coming true.

He explored several decommissioned ICBM sites in Washington state until someone decided to sell one in 2005: Atlas E Missile Site 6.

The site, shown in a 1960s image below, fell under the jurisdiction of Fairchild Air Force Base from 1961 to 1964.

“It was the first underground ICBM … site in the U.S. arsenal, decommissioned in 1964,” Davenport told WWN.

The missile site has been under construction for the last two years and is now ready for occupancy.  Its role is to “receive, record, and to the greatest degree possible, corroborate and document the ongoing alien invasion, and particularly the movement of the aliens form Planet Gootan,” said a source close to the Alien Defense HQ.

Aliens from Planet Gootan landed on Earth in November 0f 2011.  Two ships landed in mainland China and one ship landed in the Indonesian sea.  The Gootans have since spread out across the globe and global leaders believe that the Gootans are about to launch an attack on human beings.

The new center will allow government agencies to receive UFO and alien reports and take action on them immediately.  “We will defend the United States from the Gootans and we will be victorious,” said a source inside the Defense Department.

Since the start of this year there have been numerous UFO sightings and hundreds of reports of aliens that appear to be Gootans.

Here’s a map created by the Alien Defense center that shows UFO reports over the last few years:

Having worked as a Russian translator in the Soviet Union, a commercial airline pilot and a flight instructor, Davenport is a no-nonsense, level-headed investigator of UFOs, always weeding through the good from the bad.

“Based on my last 17 years of experience in collecting UFO sighting reports, I conclude that our planet is being visited.”  His associates reportedly spoke about the Gootans at length with WWN.

The Alien Defense Center will be working closely with the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials to protect Americans and all citizens of the world from the attack of the Gootans.

Here are two of the numerous UFO sightings since the beginning of 2012:





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    • They want Coronado and several square miles just to the south of Waco, Texas, as a spa and resort area. Unfortunately, this must be dealt with stealthily due to zoological concerns, which is why all of humankind are in their crosshairs.

  1. The reptoids are afraid of us knowing the truth..The ones setting this up are the bad guys…trying to keep us enslaved don't take my words for it just look around and start paying attention (Armageddon means unveiling of or truth")

  2. Gootans run the world governments . The stage is being set by the new world order wake up do not by in to any fear…its just a tool…

  3. We are slaves to the Reptoids like it or not..There days are numbered….And there staged attacks might be coming and they will try and stop any help (aka) alien invasions…. Time for truth rise your vibrations..Then they will leave…

  4. ??? certain post are blocked for some reason lol whats behind this web site???? Reptoids??? So called Gootans ….lol AWAKE AT LARGE…

  5. The reptoids are afraid of us knowing the truth..The ones setting this up are the bad guys…trying to keep us enslaved don't take my words for it just look around and start paying attention (Armageddon means unveiling of or truth")

  6. Another idiotic post by the biggest idiot of all time – Frank Lake. There's no such thing like Gootans, planet Zeeba, planet Gootan, planet Reeta, planet Hoova, etc.

    prof. NATO

    Grazyna Bukas

  7. They are here to help us and we shoot at them ????? ..The earth dark ones are trying to stop them from relaying the truth.. They the new world order want us to stay enslaved but they will fail,fail,fail,fail…….Let go of fear that's all they have to control us…Wake up this is so real…..

  8. Where are the MIB when you need them.. Jesus people who gives a crap who is ruling the world anyway it definitely isn't anyone good. Just look at the world. It gets worse every single day. I say just try to enjoy the numbered pointless days here on earth that ya can and try to lead a decent life and you'll already be ahead of the game where most people are concerned.


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