Get a Free Vintage Issue of the Weekly World News!

From January 24 through February 14, all orders over $25 will receive a free vintage Weekly World News Issue ($14.95 value).

Relive the days of classic WWN with headlines like: “How to Contact Your Guardian Angel”, “Space Alien Baby Found on Mt. Everest”, “Crystal Skull is Relic of Atlantis”, Plus many more! Go the Official WWN Store Now!


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The WWN Bundle, featuring a WWN t-Shirt, a 1 year digital subscription to the Weekly World News, a Vintage WWN Issue, plus a magnetic postcard book featuring classic WWN covers! Only $34.95, a savings of $30 on your WWN favorites!


A framed WWN Titanic Cover featuring stories honoring the 100th anniversary of the Titanic Disaster! Will you pick “KKK Skeletons Found in Titanic Life Ring” ? Or “Titanic Reappears” ? At $39.99, they make great gifts and funky decoration for your home or office!


WWN Correspondents Club! Join the greatest fans of the Weekly World News with a membership to our club! Receive a 1 year digital subscription, a framed WWN Cover, an official letter of membership, the number to a special hotline to report strange sightings, and annual recognition with your name listed in the december 2012 digital issue of the WWN! Join this league of extraordinary WWN Fans who know we write the truth!

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