LOS ANGELES –  Heidi Klum split from Seal and within a day she has a new beau:  Bat Boy!

Heidi Klum interviewed a number  lawyers and is ready to file for divorce from Seal.  And now she can be with her true love… Bat Boy.

The world may have been stunned wh announced their divorce this past weekend, but according to new reports, the couple had been plotting their separation for weeks!

Heidi met Bat Boy at a convention in New York last year and reports are that they fell in love immediately.  “Ironically, Heidi felt that Bat Boy was more of a man than Seal,” said a source close to Klum.

One of the reasons Heidi is divorcing Seal is because of his nasty temper, but Bat Boy has been known to fly of the handle as well.  “Bat Boy is no shrinking violet either,” said Dr. Barry Leed who has studied Bat Boy for the last ten years.  “Bat Boy is a lot to handle, but I think Klum is up to the task.”

Klum and Bat Boy plan to split their time between Hollywood and West Virginia.

From seal to bat…

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    • He was found in a coal mine in 1992. That was 20 years ago. If we assume he was around 12 at the time, he would be closer to 32.

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