MOSCOW –  An alien spaceship from Planet Zeeba was seen hovering over the Kremlin last night.

An “unidentified flying object” appeared above Moscow during a political protest last night.   25,000 protestors saw the Amateur footage in the flying object in the sky, which drew even more citizens to  Bolotnaya Square.
Russian authorities were quick to contact experts from the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.  Dr. Susan Begley of the U.N.,  spoke with Vladmir Putin directly and confirmed that the alien spaceship over the Kremlin was a peaceful ship from Planet Zeeba.  Three ships from the hostile, Planet Gootan landed on Earth in late November and there have been a number of Gootan sightings, but Begley assured Russians that the Zeebans are peaceful beings  and are most likely on Earth to protect humans from the Gootans.

Shocked onlookers climbed trees to get a closer look at Zeeban  craft which seemed to be observing them.

Instead of making clear their opposition to Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party’s contentious victory in elections the week before, the throng were more concerned with watching the skies and the Zeeban spaceship hovering above them.
Paranormal writer Michael Cohen spoke to reporters and said: ?NASA recently admitted that there are aliens monitoring our civilization through the use of “manned” probes.  I agree with the U.N.’s conclusion that this is a Zeeban ship.”
Cohen then speculated that the Zeebans are gathering information of the political systems of different countries on Earth.  There were reports that there was a Zeeban ship hovering above the Occupy Wall Street protestors in Zuccotti Park last week.

Vladimir Putin did not do humans any favors when he made this announcement to reporters:  “I don’t care what the U.N. says, if I see any alien being, from Zeeba or wherever, I will cut their heads off.”

WWN will continue following this story…

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25 thoughts on “UFO OVER THE KREMLIN”

  1. LOL That's DAMN AWESOME:)))) Ashot,you're right.They threw a plane in the air and now it's a spaceship from Zeeba.Well,I do belive in those aliens form Gootan and Zeeba…

  2. if the was a real alien invasion there would be more than a few capital ships and some fighter's. if there even real. but i guess it's not imposible. am i right

  3. The first picture of the flying pyramid is a pic from a video that surfaced a couple years ago and is fake. Dont believe everything you read on the Internet because 95% is total bull, and the 5% that are real get discredited by the fakes.

  4. lol the people who make up these stories on this page should start writing imaginary sci-fi books, they are so good at makin fake news for so long, so why not try to do an book xDDDD anyways this is in any way not an reliable news source, prolly some geeks messing around with daddys computer :DD


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