WASHINGTON – As predicted, three giant alien spaceships are approaching earth and should land on the planet within ten days!
The United States is officially on “alien red alert” and  the rest of the globe is preparing for the arrival of three gigantic alien spaceships that appear to be hostile.
The aliens spaceships are confirmed to be from Planet Gootan, which lies just outside the Milky Way, nearest Jupiter.   The U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials, in coordination with NASA (and the Russian and Chinese space programs) is tracking the situation by the hour.
“We expect the alien spaceships to enter the earth’s atmosphere sometime on November 28th or 29th,” said Dr. John Malley, the top extraterrestrial expert on the U.N. Panel.  “It is not clear what the Gootans plan to do on earth, but unlike the aliens from Planet Zeeba that have been invading earth for the last fourteen months, the Gootans have been known to be hostile.  Governments around the world are planning for an attack.”

There is one man that plans on saving earth:  Vladmir Putin.
“The world does not need to fear anything,” said Vladmir Putin.  “Russia will handle the Gootans on our own.  If the world is attacked, it is the Russians that will lead the defense of the planet.  We are the strongest people and the bravest.  I fear no Gootan!”

Even though the United States has the largest and strongest military on the planet, President Obama is once again “leading from the rear” on the alien attack  – allowing Putin to take charge.
“It’s outrageous!  The President is allowing the Russians and the Chinese to take the lead in defending Earth and the U.S.,” said speaker of the house John Boehner.   “We need a President who is willing to take on aliens, and defend our country!”
President Obama did reportedly say that he is looking forward to “talking to the Gootans, after they arrive.”
“Talking to the Gootans! Is Obama crazy?” said Presidential candidate Herman Cain.  “The Gootans don’t want to talk, they are like the Libyans, they just want to, you know, be in Libya and do the things that Libyans do and we need someone who can do that and eat pizza at the same time!”
WWN has reporters embedded around the globe and will keep readers updated on the alien attack as it unfolds…

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  1. WTF!! first of all how the F*CK!!! do they know where the hell these ufos are coming from… planet zeeba? really…. REALLY!! who the hell came up with that name?? and Gootan?? really sounds like some dragon ball z type of sh*t… come on guys…

    • A voice of reason. If they are just arriving from way out where, how does anyone know who they are and where they come from? Did they send a calling card ahead. Did other ET's that are secretly working for our governments sound the alarm ? (thats a joke BTW }

  2. they were right on with the date, info about it passing (asteriod, planet) between the Moon and Earth, why doubt any of the info concerning other space objects (large ufo's) coming here. Open your mind and keep your eyes on the skies for a short while longer. We will more than likely never know where or how they got their info. Maybe from some space race, thats my guess. Most of us never knew until recently about the Government building those bases for themselves, the rich until we were told on Tv, etc. by the likes of Jesse Ventura. Although I did see one of the places being built in early 1990's while in Branson, M. I never knew untill recently what those gigantic doors in the side of the mountain were or who for!

    • David,its bravados like you that will get eviscerated first.Imagine yourself standing defiantly
      on your roof top holding your intestins in your hands.

  3. This could be from Planet X. Scientists have known that there is some large body or planet in the outer solar system that affects the orbits of other objects.
    It would be prudent to prepare for an extended visit or invasion by aliens.
    People should store up a years worth of food and have their bug out bags ready to go.

  4. hello,
    i have read several things concerning aliens arriving to our planet earth, i just find it hard to believe we are gong to be invaded, my first thoughts were gods rapture,2cd coming of christ,and the arrival of the 3rd anti-christ. i’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. who knows it could even be a real “V” reptillians/lizards.

  5. U guyz should stop shifting the date from 27th to 28th then 29th or do u think we are kids.i trust what u guyz can do but lets just watch and see u know.

  6. Hope the aliens forget to have their flu jabs. I have the flu now.
    Just get me close enough and I will sneeze all over them. I bet I could take at leased ten of them out.
    Who's with me?

    • All I would like to say I am a respectfully hard working mother and business woman and I have been seeing this coming and/or already here since 2008, so has my daughter who is now 7 yrs old. She was able to tell me last year what each one that we see where they are from. Can someone shed some light and state why they think they are on their way even though we have been seeing this here already. They are cloaked in our skies.

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  8. Doesn't the mayan calander end just shortly after these ships are supposed to reach earth? If so, why are we thinking they are heading here instead of the sun. Masses of this size and speed would make quick work of the sun and our solar system.

    • I saw this same story in a movie 20years ago. It was a good movie. So its been redone again and again i see.

  9. So did the spaceships land? where is news about their landings? Link or something to prove this claims??? Anything?


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