German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has ordered Greece to seli its islands to raise cash to avoid default and bankruptcy.

“The Greek state must sell its islands and their top assets, like the Acropolis” said Jim Crawley, a leading member British parliament.  In an exclusive interview with WWN, Crawley said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel, along with President Nicolas Sarkozy, has issued her ultimatum to Greece and it will be make her demand public in the next few days.

Merkel feels that Athens must pay up for all the money it has received from the European Union to help it out of its debt crisis.

“The Greek islands are all Greece has to sell,” said an insider close to Merkel.  “They have no choice anymore.  Greece is now for sale.”

“England has already offered cash for Corfu,” Crawley told WWN.

Greece has around 6,000 islands off its coast, of which only 227 are inhabited, according to the country’s National Tourism Office website.  Merkel wants Greece to sell 90% of the island, including Corfu, Santoni, Crete, Rhodes, Mykonos, Paros, Ios, and Naxos.

Merkel is also ordering Greece to sell one of its prized possessions:  the Acropolis.

The cash-strapped country launched a fresh round of draconian austerity measures in a bid to rein in a ballooning budget deficit that is more than four times above EU limits, but even that is not enough.

Merkel will be meeting with Greek leaders on Friday to discuss her demands.

Donald Trump is looking to buy Crete, and Mark Zuckerberg (the Facebook billionaire) wants to pick up Corfu and Mykonos.  The island of Rhodes has offers from Jay-Z (who wants to rename the island ‘Blue Ivy”) and Tyler Perry has a “very serious” offer in on the Acropolis.

“Tyler really wants the Acropolis.   He wants to turn it into a museum for African-American heritage.”

Only 227 Greek islands are populated and ALL of those islands will be up for sale.

Merkel is being applauded across Europe for her vision and her strength in ordering the Greek isles be sold.

James Crawley told WWN, “We weren’t sure that Merkel was serious about this, but it’s clear about her ultimatum  to Greece and Great Britain backs her one hundred percent.”

Crawley has a bid in on the isle of Larcos, but may be  outbid by Hillary Clinton, who also has made a  bid for the Isle of Lesbos.

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  1. bloody idiots, how cxan you sell an island that has people with land title, why doesnt Germanypay back all the repatriation monies from WW2, that might make things better


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