Invisibility & Levitation: How-To Keys To Personal Performance by Commander X
According to Commander X two of the most common desires among mankind are to become invisible and levitate at will. The commander purports that through his writings one will be able to harness these powers. However, he also warns that the universe has its own set of checks and balances so don’t try and use these powers for evil.

This masterpiece is broken down into eleven chapters covering such topics as:
-The Quest for Instant Invisibility
-Invisibility and the Art of Unvulnerability (seriously, “Unvulnerability” not Invulnerability)

-ETS, UFOS and How They Become Invisible
-Strange, Eerie and Peculiar Talents
-Strange Mystery of Psychic Diane Tessman

Image courtesy of www.dianetessman.com
This non-stop page turner can be purchased at Amazon.com for as little as $4.98. Get a copy while you can. As of this report on 36 were left for sale. Well, make that 35, I just bought one of the collectible versions for my archives.
Commander X is a retired Military Intelligence Official that became an author in order to provide the public with the truths kept secret by those in positions of power. The Commander is also the author of great other works such as Nikola Tesla – Free Energy and the White Dove, Time Travel: A How-To Insiders Guide, Incredible Technologies of the New World Order: UFOs-Tesla-Area 51, and Commander X Files.

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