DRUID HILLS, KY –  Dead chickens dropped from the Kentucky sky this morning!
A large number of dead chickens dropped from the Kentucky Sky on I-64 near Druid Hills.  This chicken dropping comes just days after thousands of blackbirds dropped from the Arkansas and Louisiana skies and hundreds of jackdaws dropped from the skies in Sweden.
Authorities said that the Kentucky Chicken Drop was definitely related to the mysterious bird deaths in Arkansas Louisiana and Sweden.  “It’s all part of the alien invasion,” said Dr. John Malley, an extraterrestrial expert who is a chief researcher for the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.  “We have long known that when aliens attack on Earth, they go after the birds first.”

According to Kentucky Parks and Wildlife Department’s Media Communication Director, Susan Begley, this is the first time that chickens have ever fell from the sky AND the first time that chickens have ever flown IN the sky.
Dr. Begley said that she believed that the aliens probably stunned the chickens with laser guns, sent them into the air, then killed them in the sky and watched them drop to their deaths.
Local residents were stunned.  “I ain’t never seen no chicken fly.  Not that high.  Maybe five feet of the ground.  But these chickens they looked like they were about a thousand feet up there.   My pastor told us that when chickens fall from the sky, that means the world is gonna end.  And I believes him!”
“It’s typical alien behavior,” said Dr. Malley.  “These aliens are clearly from Planet Zeeba.  They are going to play with us.  They seem to enjoy it.  They made the chickens fly, then they killed them.  We at the U.N. are very, very concerned.
Representatives of Kentucky Fried Chicken quickly went to scene of the droppings and tried to gather as many chickens as possible.  “We’re thinking of making these chickens a specialty on the menu – at least in Kentucky,” said Dwayne DeTorres of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  “These chickens are going to fry up real nice.”
KFC got busy right away.  Here’s the first four chickens they rounded up:

Some authorities thought there was some significance to the fact that the birds dropped into Druid Hills.  “I think this aliens are trying to tell us that they don’t like pagans.  Maybe these aliens from Planet Zeeba are Christians,”  said Dale Boomlie of Paducah.
Well, it’s all still a mystery.  But if you are in Kentucky, keep your head up… you may see a chicken heading for you!

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  1. As a professional chicken plucker I will await Sen. Rand Paul's recommendations before going
    to work on this new form of mana .

  2. Where did they get planet zeeba from? Was it previously mentioned in the media? Kentucky Fried Chicken picks up the zapped birds and pick up business after that?!! OKAY! This right here….i will do more research? Facebook will end also? WTF?

  3. okay so i believe in aliens hardcore but wtf, come on just because birds fall from the sky doesn't mean we are all going to be invaded by aliens, its just a coincidence that they all did, so before we all go crapping our pants about an invasion why not think about other causes. it could have been that the birds were flying so high that the hole in the ozone layer from setting off so many nuclear explosion could have killed them. on the other hand, how the chickens got in the air, i don't know. it could have been some guys with a plane who thought it would be funny and now that they found out what trouble they made, wont confess. and i agree, where the hell did you get planet Zeeba? Ive been reading these articles and that's what i hear every time, like you know. plus if the aliens wanted to attack and invade us, why would they put lights and such on their spacecrafts? its just ridiculous how easy it is for them to convince you that they are coming with so little evidence. if they wanted to invade earth it would be like a robber walking safely into an open guarded safe, it would be so easy for them. so why do these governments think they can stop it from happening, because they cant, if it was going to happen, just let it be, if it doesn't have the signs from Revelations, then its not the end of the world. and don't even get me started on the bible, because as much as i am a Lutheran, that book may or may not contain the best info. old men at the Vatican put it together out of books they liked, not all of them. the books outside of the bible could have as much incite to Christs life as the books in the bible do.


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