MOSCOW –  Last night there were mysterious floating red lights over Moscow.

For over two hours last night, there were a series of unidentified floating, flickering lights.   At first, local citizens thought it was a fireworks display, but they soon realized that it wasn’t.  There were many calls to Moscow authorities, with citizens worried about the lights.

The Russian government immediately dismissed them as “nothing,” but Moscow citizens are convinced that there were multiple UFOs over the city last night.

“We look up in the sky and there they were.  I saw about five of them.  They came from nowhere and then… they disappeared.  There is no explanation I can think of.  It must be UFO,” said Ivan Skolov.

Vladamir Putin learned of the UFOs and immediately dismissed them.  “There is no such thing as UFO.  And if there were they better not come to Russia.  I will kick their asses.  They can go to America, where people are weak.  But aliens will not harm Russia.  Not while I am here.”

Last month, there was a red UFO over New York.  Some speculate that it may be the same UFO, but Dr. Mazlan Othman of the United Nations commission on extraterrestrials said that he believes the UFOs over Moscow are not related to the ones seen over New York.

“We have fairly strong evidence that the beginning of an alien invasion is occurring in the United States.  The floating lights over Moscow last night are clearly spaceships from another planet, but we think they are aliens on a separate mission.”

Asked whether she thought there could be two separate alien invasions underway, Ms. Othman said, “it’s naive for us to assume that all aliens are working in consort.  There are many different aliens from different planets and they all have different objectives.  Our job on the commission is to determine which aliens are friendly and which ones are coming to harm the citizens of earth.”

Meanwhile, Moscow citizens are nervous about the unidentified red lights.  “We don’t normally see UFOs, we think that is something only for people in the Southern U.S.  We are concerned and upset that our government seems to be covering up,” said Katia Volmod of Moscow.

The reports of UFOs have increased 259% so far this year – over last year.  Could this really be the beginning of an alien invasion?

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8 thoughts on “RED UFO OVER MOSCOW”

  1. “We don’t normally see UFOs, we think that is something only for people in the Southern U.S."
    hahahaha damnit sometimes living in Alabama sucks. Even the Russians make fun of us.

    But seriously…

    UFO's aren't for the southern white folks. Soooomthinnngsss going on here. It's no invasion. They're preparing to disclose. They are increasing there visibility (like it said, 259% from last year!) Every time any Gov't says "Oh it's nothing, go back to bed" the citizens are going to demand more and more. This is an elaborate scheme by a much higher knowledge then our own.

    It's one of two things. And they both lead to disclosure.
    #1 it's legitimate life forms from other planets (which makes sense because NASA just released today that there is an estimated 36 billion EARTH SIZED planets in our solar system alone. With those odds, there HAS to be life forms elsewhere and civilizations much older then us) and these lifeforms are, like i said, increasing visibility to promote governments to come out.
    … or
    #2 these "UFO's" are new government technology and these gov't's are keeping it hush hush. We've seen signs of this within the USAF and they're Astra or TR3B, a nuclear powered reconnaissance plane. The only way they could acquire this technology is reverse engineering, or some other way of communicating back and forth with the creator of such craft.

    both of these would lead to disclosure… so either way they're keeping quiet. only time (2012) will tell.

  2. We wait and wait but no aliens, just lights and noises and other nonsense. Where's the advanced science and miracle cures? I've had neighbors that I was pretty convinced were aliens but they always denied it when I asked.


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