HELENA , MT  –  Several green UFOs were spotted over Montana last night!

In the last few weeks there have been a number of sightings of UFOs across the country.  Last night, for the first time, there were several green UFOs spotted over Helena and across Montana.

“We saw these green flickering lights over the Cathedral of St. Helena last night.  We thought that maybe the church was sponsoring some light display or something, but it wasn’t.  It was real creepy.  It was definitely a UFO… definitely,” said Belinda Mills.

Some thought it was the Aurora Borealis  that they were seeing, but it wasn’t supposed to happen last night and “it was flickering for two long. The northern lights usually only last a minute, but last night that thing was up there for at least a half-an-hour,” said Aaron Staff.

Here’s the glow from the UFO that some mistook for the Aurora Borealis.

Local authorities are once again denying that there was UFO over Montana last night, but UFO experts from western universities – Stanford, UCLA, and the University of Idaho have confirmed that there were at least five UFOs spotted over Montana.

“The government continues its cover-up of the UFOs.  There has clearly been an increase in UFO activity over the last five months.  Pretty soon, the government will have to make a public statement and take action to protect Americans from possible harm, even though we think the alien mission is peaceful,” said Professor John Engeman of Stanford.

“There were no UFOs.  The people of Montana were clearly seeing part of the Aurora Borealis,” said Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security.  “If there is a legitimate UFO sighting, like we saw over Virginia and Boston, we will acknowledge and take action.”

“She’s in denial,” said Engeman.  “UFO experts agree that an alien invasion is underway and its something that we predicted twenty-five years ago.   The full invasion will start in 2010 and last until December of 2012.”

Here’s a shot of some Helena citizens standing in the glow of the UFO.

WWN is the only major media source covering the on-going alien invasion.  Check back for more of the truth…

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12 thoughts on “GREEN UFO OVER MONTANA”

  1. Why is it being referred to as an "Invasion"? Disclosure seems much more appropriate. Everything I've seen to date has been peaceful and more or less to get our attention; to pressure our government into admitting the truths. There has clearly been a cover-up going on. If our government has been lying to us (and they have) then we know we can't trust them. What reason do we have not to believe and trust these extraterrestrials?

  2. Okay my take on this. First the picture of the people. That's no glow from a ufo. Its a camera night setting. Thats all. Furthermore, notices how lite these people are dressed. If was freezing that night. This picture was not taken that night. Okay the lights in the sky. This is not Northern lights. Not cold enough plus, this picture was taken towards the WSW. Northern lights are – well in the North. Next the "UFO" lights themselves. I think its just a trick of a camera on night setting. Even if it is not, its lights on the mountains which are where the lights are. An overlay of a daytime picture over the nighttime picture shows those "UFOs" where on the top of the mountain. Finally, I have family in Helena, they said they never heard of such a thing and there is nothing in the local newspapers. Conclusion – no UFO.

    • I live in Helena, and only heard of this today.. here. Isn't it kinda funny the ufos chose the Cathedral to fly over?

  3. this is fake. i live in Helena and i haven't heard anything about a UFO. this is fake. The light from the UFO would have to be so bright to glow on the People as shown on the last photo. also have to be bright for it to light up the sky. if there was a UFO, why would they risk being found? you can also see that the light was projected in the last photo with all the people. the glow would cover them all, but on the left hand side the light stops.

  4. Stanford, UCLA, and the University of Idaho have confirmed that there were at least five UFOs spotted over Montana. whats there 2 cents on the matter? and IF them pics of the church where taken this week. its neat trick because helena has alot of snow and there is NONE In the pic's with the church. im from helena and am currently asking friends in helena if they heard anything about this. THIS WEbpage is the only info you can find on this matter.

  5. i live in Helena although i believe the church pics to be fake for several of the reasons previously stated i do believe UFO activity to be present and active. i was looking for information on others that might have seen things in the Helena area particularly the area over the Elkhorn Mountains.


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