WASHINGTON, DC – The Washington Post unveiled the first installment of its Top Secret America series, revealing that much of America is now being controlled by aliens.
You think you know America, but you don’t know – “Top Secret America.”   This is a closed intelligence community  that emerged after 9/11. It is protected from public scrutiny by extraordinary secrecy.
The much-anticipated investigative series by the Washington Post on the vast post-Sept. 11 counter-terrorism-industrial complex was released over the weekend. It was the result of two years of reporting by two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Dana Priest and William Arkin, a veteran national security  journalist.
Among the Post’s more troubling findings: that the “top secret” U.S. intelligence world is largely contracted out to private sector companies full of former government officials. It concludes that this “fourth branch of government” has essentially ballooned out of control in the past nine years, and that it continues to grow, mostly hidden from public view and lacking in thorough oversight. It says an estimated 854,000 people, or nearly 1.5 times as many people as live in Washington, D.C., hold top-secret security clearances.
The most startling revelation is that this new Fourth Branch is being run by aliens, most of whom were originally trained at Area 51, the Nevada military base that the government long denied every existed. In recent years, the government moved the aliens to a base in West Virginia, known as Area 79.  This is where training of the TSA aliens has taken place. Some in the Defense Department were worried about using aliens for counter-terrorism, but after 9/11 there was nothing anybody could do to stop the Bush Administration and their all-out efforts to gather intelligence.  “Everybody was afraid to challenge Dick Cheney.”  One Defense Department insider said.
Unfortunately, aliens have their own agenda – something we will never know, because their brains are far superior to ours. They are now running the Fourth Branch, which the Washington Post reports employees an estimated 854,000 people. The number of aliens running TSA is not known, but insiders say, it is close to 500.
In an off-the-record comment, Defense Secretary Robert Gates was heard saying, “the genie is out of the bottle now. There’s no going back. We can only pray that the aliens will treat Americans with dignity and respect.  It seems to be the case so far, but we don’t know exactly what they are doing or what their plans are for the American people.”
You can read the Washington Post story here. On orders of The Obama Administration the segments about aliens and Area 79 have been scrubbed from all articles, videos and web sites.  Weekly World News will keep this story up as long as we can.

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  1. How to test if a person is an Alien:
    Casually ask them to recite the English alphabet. Then, when they begin, quickly interject: "backwards". An Alien will have no problem doing this and will look at you like it's 'child's play'… because for them it is… and they have no idea that you cannot say it. Really. Try it!
    The Alien mind, tho far superior, has the data from our language… but they don't always know our limits. So for them, backwards or forwards, makes no difference. It's just downloading data. An Alien will say it quickly and with ease.
    I'm one of the few humans who has taught myself to say it backwards. In fact, I'm the unofficial world record holder for saying it the fastest… in under 2.8 seconds. I use it in a teaching method I developed while teaching English in Thailand. In doing so, I found I could teach the ZYX's to adults in an hour or two. But I was astonished to find that children would learn it in 15 to 20 minutes!
    It seems the closer one gets to the birth threshold, the easier memorization becomes.

  2. So, if I met you and asked you to recite the alphabet in the way you suggest, I would naturally surmise you are an Alien. You read it here. Terry Slaughter is an Alien.

  3. Well America is still the Land of Freedom Liberty and Justice for all. Give em a Break if any so called real American can stand there and call someone an alien because they can spell the alphabet back words with no problem it is no wonder that we have a forth branch of the Goverment and no wonder that its kept secret from the jealous society that call themselves American. Bunch of wipper snappers…….

  4. In a way this is true. But this article tells me that you don't have the whole story of the Evil Empire- THEM. 1. The Freemasons are the channel through which THEM work. 2.Their brains are not superior to ours. 3.They acquire most of their technology through nefarious means- the steal OURS and add it to their old weird stuff – they have been doing this for a long time throughout humanoid history! 4.Many species of THEM eat us. But they aren't doing very well because of the nature of reality and other dimensions.

  5. The govt + secret societies are mostly run by sociopaths and/or psychopaths — same-same. 'Human-like' beings who lack a conscience …they're not actually Aliens, but are perceived as such b/c they're completely devoid of emotions, lack a conscience and possess a very strong sense of entitlement. They are emotionally devoid beings, housed in the body of a human.They live among us 'empaths'.

  6. You guys are funny.
    Just a branch of the government? HA. Our whole planet is being managed by extraterrestrials, though they aren't really "aliens" considering they were here before us. What we're seeing in the facets of government is simply planet and population management 101. We're brainwashed by the media to be money grubbing, technology pursuing consumers. Many of us don't even realize the programming already instilled into our own minds. Our bodies are cheap, is-in, we're made of the most abundant elements in the Universe and we reproduce like rabbits. Pretty efficient and cheap system. We're biologically engineered. Many parts of our brain is on lock-down, which is why we only use 10%. We're given just what we need to do our jobs and stay simple close-minded people all waiting for the return of Jesus so we can be saved from this mess. Which, is never going to happen by the way- it's been a delusion from the beginning.
    The American military has technologically advanced 44 years to our every 1 year since post WWII era, the lat 1940s. Much of this through their help. Our planet is being brought up to speed people. Another military out-post for an empire much much bigger than just this planet.


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