NASA confirms that they are from Planet Zeeba!

Aliens from Planet Zeeba were flying over Houston every night over this past week.
There were numerous sightings of strange objects caught on camera. And nobody could explain it, until today.

Hundreds of citizens, including  Dr. Jack Blanton,  captured the images on his digital camera from a vantage point in Houston Heights looking toward Montrose.

Blanton told Weekly World News, “The flying objects appear between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. every night.” The strange part is they flying much too fast to see with the naked eye. But when we slowed down the video, several it was clear that they were alien spaceships.”

Weekly World News contacted Dr. Susan Begley, the Director of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.  She was in Houston to investigate the sightings.  “The U.N. also confirmed that the ships over Denver are from Planet Zeeba. They passed over Houston and disappeared. It appears that they Zeeban spaceships are headed toward the Rocky Mountains.”

Dr. Begley told Weekly World News that the Zeebans arrived on Earth in November of 2019 and are here to help earthlings defend against the Gootans (from Planet Gootan). “Zeebans do not want to leave the Gootans unchecked or monitored,” Dr. Begley said. “If they are, they will quickly dominate Earth. The Zeebans want to help us strengthen our defenses and, of course, intelligence.”

“Alien warriors from both planets are setting up their operation bases.  The  U.N. is working closely with the Zeebans to prepare for the massive Gootan invasion.”


Aviation experts and representatives from The Trump Administration have denied that the UFOs over Houston were from Planet Zeeba. Some in The White House are even denying that they are UFOs.

“The U.S. government and world governments are covering up the coming Gootan alien invasion.  They do not want to alarm citizens of the world.  But the alien invasion is well underway and the ‘final battle’ is only a year away,” said Dr. Begley.

She is happy to learn that the Zeebans are already mobilized to help. “We’re gonna need them,” said Dr. Begley.

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2 thoughts on “UFOS OVER HOUSTON”

  1. Aliens and UFO are jinn or rather more precisely bad jinn aka demons. Jinn are made of smokeless fire ie they are pure forms of energy. They use this tabloid as a platform because it’s not a publication anyone would consider seriously. Here they feel free to announce their actions and plans.
    Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift each of you like wheat.
    Satan and demons live amongst or inside us and they can only do their deeds with our consent or passivity.

  2. Makes sense. NASA is in Houston. That is where the phrase , “Houston you got a problem” came from. They also have a sports team called the Rockets, which is a space themed name. And for the trifecta, another sports team called the Comets. The football team is not space themed but I think that would be a bit obvious.


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