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President Obama announced to the nation that a deadly disease, Romnesia, is spreading across America!

According to the Obama Administration and the CDC “Romnesia” is a communicable disease that causing people to “lose their minds” and act “like morons.”

“The president and his staff believe that the ‘Romnesia’ is the perfect term for this new disease that seems to be affecting almost half the country.”

Romnesia hit this woman particularly hard:

Joe Biden told a crowd in  Virginia., “Boy, I tell you what, I hope y’all don’t get Romnesia. It’s a bad disease. It’s contagious.  Please, don’t let anybody in your family become a moron.”

Unfortunately, Joe Biden caught the disease soon after his speech:

Although doctors say that Biden probably has had “Romnesia” for decades.

Some people in Hollywood have come down with Romnesia as well.  Arnold Schwarzenegger completely forgot that he had an affair with his maid.  He was shocked when he read his own book:

President Obama told a crowd in Florida, “If you say you’ll protect a woman’s right to choose, but you stand up at a primary debate and said that you’d be ‘delighted’ to sign a law outlawing that right to choose in all cases, man, you’ve definitely got Romnesia,” he said.

Soon after the speech, President Obama got Romnesia:

Riffing as if he was trying to remember why he was in Virginia, Obama said he had good news for anyone who suffers from Romnesia. “Obamacare covers pre-existing conditions,” he bellowed. “We can fix you up. We’ve got a cure! We can make you well, Virginia.”

Obama then announced his new Vice President.  A woman who “is also suffering from Romnesia.  But I think she’s the greatest woman in America.”  Here she is:

The White House estimates that close t0 50% of the country is suffering from Romnesia and is recommending that they all be quarantined until December – at least.  “We can’t have morons walking around the country.   Not until we come up with an antidote to Romnesia.  For now, the best antidote is forcing these people to say home, especially on November 6th.”

That has this man confused: