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DES MOINES – Aliens have been spotted around Ron Paul in Iowa. Could they be supporters?

Over the last two weeks, all across Iowa, numerous citizens have reported seeing “strange beings” at Ron Paul rallies.  Many are convinced they have seen “aliens” appear next to Ron Paul.  The aliens seem to be smiling and seem to “know” Ron Paul in some way, according to witnesses.

At the same time, Ron Paul’s campaign has been surging.  Could it be because of his newfound “alien”support?

“This is just another Ron Paul conspiracy theory… There are no aliens. This seems like another stunt by the Romney campaign to try to portray Ron Paul as crazy.  Ron Paul WILL be our next president,” said Jame Cobb, Ron Paul Campaign Director  in Ames, Iowa.

But WWN spoke to Dr. Banesh Bannerje of the U.N. Panel of Extraterrestrials.  He told WWN that he believes that the sightings are real and that the aliens the Ron Paul supporters have seen are probably from Planet Zeeba.

“The Zeebans have been coming to our planet since November of 2010.  They have come to spread peace and to help the planet overcome the many challenges we face.  We think that it is significant that Ron Paul supporters have spotted the Zeebans.   Maybe Ron Paul’s message is one that Americans should pay closer attention to.”

Ron Paul has been campaigning with his son, Sen. Rand Paul over the last few days and they have been greeted like rock stars, with hundreds of supporters turning out to rally in both Des Moines and Cedar Rapids.  At both rallies, supporters report seeing “aliens.”

 The latest Iowa poll shows the Texas Congressman neck-and-neck with Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, basically guaranteeing that Paul will take one of the top three spots in the first-in-nation state.

The Zeebans might be supporting Ron Paul, but Rick Santorum has a secret weapon:  The Duggar Family.

The Duggar family said  that if Rick Santorum wins Iowa, they vow to have as many babies as possible before November, 2012 – in order to get as many votes as possible for Rick Santorum.  Told that babies can’t vote, the Duggars said, “they can in Iowa.”

While a lot of Paul’s fans were reluctant to talk to the media about the Zeebans or the Duggar Plot — more than a few expressed concern about getting put on FBI ‘lists’, especially with their connection now with beings from another planet.

“We are one with the Zeebans.  Ron Paul will be our next President,” said Jason Witte of Des Moines.   Ron Paul!!  Ron Paul!!  Ron Paul!!”