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I’m madder than a club-footed camel! So the Teleprompter Kid when to A-rab Land the other day. Did you see the giant gold necklace the King of the A-rabs put around Obama’s neck?

I think Mr. T must be jealous!

The Communist-in-Chief looked like one of those “rappers” with that chain around his neck. (Funny, you’d think chains would be the last thing those guys would want to wear…)

I half expected Obama to raise his fist in the air like those Olympics guys back in the 70s!

I know the Teleprompter Kid has to be nice to the A-rabs since they’ve got all that oil, but it still burns my bunions to watch.

All the more reason to start drilling in Alaska. We didn’t buy that freezing dump from the Russians because it was pretty and nice to visit!
There’s gallons of oil under all that reindeer poop just going to waste.

But the hippies won’t let us go get it. They’d rather watch Obama bowing and scraping to the A-rabs like a slave, letting the King put chains around his neck. Boy, for smart people, those liberals sure are mixed up.

Then Obama gave a speech about how wonderful the A-rabs are – or used to be until they stopped inventing stuff after they found goop on their property, like the Beverly Hillbillies. They didn’t invent half that stuff anyway, but unless we pretend they did they’ll get mad at us again.

Oh well. It was news to me that the A-rabs “built our tallest building.” I thought they were the ones who blew it up. But then I didn’t go to college.