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My red, white and blue blood is boiling over what Obama said about Rush Limbaugh!

At a meeting with Republican leaders, our new Communist-in-Chief said, “You just can’t listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.”

Heck, GOP poobahs don’t listen to Rush anyway, or else they wouldn’t pass those crazy bailouts. ($700-million for “after school snacks”? When I was a boy, we were lucky to get lard sandwiches. What are they feeding kids these days – caviar on a velvet cushion?)

And I don’t like the sound of that “you can’t listen to Rush” – seems the Teleprompter Kid’s planning to bring back that Hairnet Doctrine to ban my fellow patriotic pundits from the airwaves.

Maybe your Arabic copy of the Constitution took it out, but mine still has a little something called the First Amendment!

Obama’s just mad at Rush for playing that funny song, “Barack the Magic Negro”. But that song was really making fun of Reverend Al Shakedown. There’s a word for a fellow who thinks everybody’s saying bad things about him, and if I owned a dictionary, I could tell you what it was.

Rush and Obama have so much in common, I don’t know why they can’t get along. Both talk really nice. Both have their own airplanes. Both used to do drugs.

Obama says he’ll meet with that Achmed Dirtybad in Iran, but he’s scared of some chubby bald guy who lives with a bunch of cats and scented candles?

At least Rush is a true American and has the papers to prove it. Maybe the President won’t show us his birth certificate because “Barack Hussein Obama” is Swahili for “Big Sucky Baby Scaredy Pants”!

Can you prove it ISN’T true?!