WASHINGTON, DC – After criticizing the economic stimulus plan, Republicans have chained themselves to doors of the Capitol Building to block its passing.

Currently no one can enter or exit the Capitol as Republican leaders have chained themselves to every major entryway.

The audacious demonstration was led by John McCain who shouted to reporters, “I’m still relevant!  See!?  I’m still relevant!!!”

Republicans say that the stimulus package as it stands is too focused on supporting the middle class, without enough tax cuts to the already wealthy.  “That’s no way to run a business” said John Boehner of Ohio.  “You can’t help a country by strengthening the middle class, did Reaganomics teach us nothing?”  He stated that GOP members will continue to forcibly block entry to Capital Hill until their demands are met.

Democrats in the Senate and Congress, despite having a clear majority in both houses and several pairs of bolt cutters laying around, are already working on ways to appease the minority Republican voice.



  1. Republicans said that there is not enough tax cust for the wealthy? Get your facts right retard. The reason people are opposed to this "welfare" package is becuase this does not work and never has. Do you know anything about the history of this country and others? Handouts do not work! Especially when ACORN is named to recieve millions.

  2. This is just a way to move State obligations and overspending into the Federal coffers…So far no accountability…There is more Pork in this bill than there are Pigs. It does NOT encourage small business growth (they do the hiring); It does NOT create jobs, just hands out money to those who contribute nothing to the system anyway. It is a crock.

  3. I have calculated the cost of paying all mortgages project to default over the next 5 years (about 8.1 million and $490 Billion could pay all of the interest on these mortgages for 5 years. That's a lot cheaper than this stimulus package and would sure help the folks a lot more.


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