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I’m madder than Jesse Jackson without a rhyming dictionary because these union thugs are making our states go broke!

It’s time to get rid of the unions!  We have got to 86 the AFL-CIO, send those union leaders back to the rat holes they climbed out of.

Now, Ed knows unions started for a good reason.

Ed’s grandfather joined a haberdasher union in New York City because they were making him work fifteen hour days in a shop that was never below a hundred and twenty degrees and they only let him go to the bathroom once a week and he had to eat his stale-cheese lunch in a dark basement next to the five-year-old children that were shoveling coal to power the steam presses.

But that was 1920!

Today the unions are getting over on the average citizen in America.  They got a scam that would make Madoff jealous!

Rank-and-file union members are driving fancy cars, getting million-dollar pensions, eating expensive French cheese served on fancy American crackers and wiping their asses with taxpayer dollars.

Union members get gold-plated healthcare, state-of-the-art gyms, hair transplants, breast implants, brain transplants – anything they want transplanted they get because the U.S. taxpayer has to bend over and let the unions have their way.

If a public service union member wants a sex change operation the American citizen will pay to have a penis pasted on or cut off.  That’s how crazy it has become!

These slimy, no-good, unions are causing all the states to go broke!

Ed says we take Norma Rae out back and beat her with a broom.

Ed says we dig up Jimmy Hoffa from Giants Stadium and smash his bones to smithereens with a union sledgehammer.

Ed says we get all the teamsters driving those big trucks that almost run me down on the highway, send them to China where they can make sneakers for twelve cents a hour and eat monkey brains for dinner.

I am tired of the unions robbing our states blind and holding the government hostage, while they sit in hot tubs with union hookers.

I’m tired of having to pay more for my healthcare while these union thugs get free healthcare for their extended families, including their pets!

I’m tired of teachers that can’t be fired even after they molest little boys and girls in their first grade classrooms.

I’m tired of the union label!

Who do these cheesehead teachers in Wisconsin think they’re fooling?!

They don’t care about the children, they only care about putting more gallons of Coca-Cola and supersized tubs of chocolate ice cream in the sub-zero refrigerators they keep in their McMansions.

They only care about getting more vacation days so they can go down to Cancun and drink margaritas with tax-payer dollars and buy more Mexican dope.  They want more sick days and more time off in the summer, so they can laugh at the rest of us as we go to work.

They want to get paid NOT to teach!

Ed says, it’s time for the nation to revolt!

Bust the unions!  Bust the unions! Bust the unions!

Ed Anger is leading the Bust the Union Revolution in America!

Are you with me?

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