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Americans just discovered that cats and dogs are covered under the Affordable Care Act.  But the pets are required to have insurance!

The United States government considers pets “people” – at least in terms of healthcare.  According to the rules and regulations laid out in Obamacare, cats and dogs will receive free healthcare from the government, but they are mandated to carry vet insurance, or else they will have to pay a penalty.

“Cats and dogs cost the healthcare industry a billion dollars a year in healthcare costs,” said Dr. Janice Ross, the White House Advisor in charge of Pet Insurance.  “We decided to include pets in the Affordable Care Act because they are members of the family and should be cared for equal to humans.”

Sources say President Obama only wanted to cover dogs, but Joe Biden pushed to cover cats too – and Biden one.

“How can you not cover pets and dogs?  What kind of society doesn’t provide free healthcare to dogs and cats?”  reportedly said Vice President Biden.

Some dogs were not happy about being forced to buy health insurance.


The American Veterinary Medical Association represents 82,000 vets. They organization is not happy that vets will be forced to care for dogs and cats that did not have health insurance before Obamacare was passed.  “We can’t treat every dog and cat in the country. That’s impossible,” said Dr. Johnson Bingham of Fort Lauderdale.

“Vets have to join in.  Do their part.  We are all in this together,”  Joe Biden said.

Lawyers for gerbils, hamsters, fish, snakes and farm animals are reportedly challenging the law, hoping to get their clients covered as well.