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Ed Anger officially endorses Mitt Romney for President! 

Ed Anger told WWN that he was not a big fan of John McCain.  “He was a midget from Arizona who loved sucking on the shoes of Barack Obama.”

This time around, Ed is extremely passionate about who he does NOT want in the Oval Office.  “The Teleprompter Kid has been in long enough.  He should have been kicked out of the Office right after the inauguration.  This country is going to hell in a Bama Basket. We need to get him out before he turns this whole country into a communist bread line.  I’m voting for Mitt Romney and you better, too!”

Ed recommends that anybody who wants to vote for President Obama get “their head examined” and “book a flight out of the country when Romney wins” because Ed believes that the country only has room for those citizens that bleed red, white and blue.

Ed Anger has been working with Donald Trump on the HUGE announcement that will be made on October 24th.  “Donald and I uncovered the truth about Barry O. and when we make our announcement, the President is only going to get 1% of the vote.  And that’s a fact!”

We shall see…