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At a campaign stop in New York, Big Bird, with the help of some Muppets attacked Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney said if he were President, he wouldn’t fund the Public Broadcasting System, and would do away with Big Bird and Sesame Street.  Big Bird was NOT happy about this, but had been very gracious in his public appearances in the last week.

Until, Mitt Romney went to Hofstra University in New York to scout out the location for the next debate.  As Mitt Romney was checking out the podium, the Muppets rushed into the auditorium and tackled Mitt Romney.  Big Bird than walked in and… punched Mitt Romney in the face, knocking him out.

The NYPD was called in. They were surprised to learn that the Secret Service Agents assigned to Mitt Romney had all stepped away when the Muppets came in.  “Apparently, the Secret Service has orders never to touch a Muppet,” said a source at The White House.

Big Bird was led away by cops:

The Muppets later spoke to reporters and said that Sesame Street is filmed in New York and that Mitt Romney was not welcome on their “street” anymore.  “If he steps one foot on Sesame Street, he’ll regret it forever… He’ll be eating cookies out of his butt,” said Oscar the Grouch.

Mitt Romney has not said another word about Big Bird, but he did say he has an idea who his Secretary of State will be if he is elected President.