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MEXICO CITY –  Americans, in the hundreds of thousands, are crossing the border into Mexico -looking for work.

There were ZERO jobs created in the United States last week.  Unemployment remains over 9.1% and if you consider all the Americans that have stopped looking for work, the number is closer to 20%.

The answer for a large group of Americans:   Mexico.

The Mexican economy is booming.  Many of  the illegal immigrants that  have come to the United States have turned around and headed back to Mexico.  Yes, there are drug cartels killing citizens, police officers and government officials, but there are jobs there and Americans are willing to take the risk.

“I’m not worried about the drug dealers, I need a job.  I need to take care of my family,” said Steven Rivera of El Paso, Texas.   Rivera’s family will remain  in El Paso, while Steven works in at a Tequila Farm in Baja.  “I’ll only be making about $3,000 a month, but the cost of living is low.  I’ll be sending most of the money back to my family.”

Mexican Border Patrol has seen a spike in Americans running across the border into Mexico – looking for work.

But the MBP has  different approach to illegal immigration.  “If we see anybody running across the border, we will kill them on the spot.  We will use as many bullets as it takes to make sure the illegal is no longer a threat to Mexico.”

Still, Americans are running across the border in record number, with only backpacks and bottles of water.  “Many are making through the desert of Mexico and getting to Mexico City, but many, unfortunately, are not making it,” said White House head Mexican-American relations, Jill Bonderas, says that the Obama Administration is doing all it can to keep illegal immigrants safe in our country and “we hope the Mexicans are keeping the Americans who cross the border safe as well.”

Thousands of Americans are seen standing outside Hardware Y Siseno (the equivalent of Home Depot), hoping to be picked up for day labor jobs.

“Hopefully,  if America can create jobs again, and Americans won’t have to leave to find jobs in Mexico, but the trend seems to be increasing,” said Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis.  “But, in the meantime, we are sure they will have a good time in Mexico.  It’s so beautiful down there”