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LOS ANGELES – Dr. Phil announced on his show that there is an alien invasion under way and we must all prepare!

Dr. Phil shocked his studio audience yesterday when he announced that he believed “one hundred percent”  that an alien invasion is underway and that Americans, and citizens of the world, must prepare for psychologically for our new masters.

“I have studied this carefully with top leaders from governments around the world.  The evidence is overwhelming.  Aliens from Planet Zeeba  and Planet Gootan are amongst us and more are arriving every day.  We must all accept this, so that we can be happy and treat these aliens with the dignity and respect they deserve,” Dr. Phil told his audience.

Dr. Phil had Dr. John Malley, a leading alien expert on the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials on his show.  Dr.  Malley told Dr. Phil that the recent unexplained deaths of birds, dolphins, sardines, anchovies, cows and frogs – around the world are evidence that the invasion is ongoing.

“All of these mysterious animal deaths have been explained away by governments trying to cover-up the truth.  I have examined all of the dead animals and they all have the Mark of the Alien on them.  The aliens from Planet Gootan are sending a clear message – we are here and we are taking over,” Dr. Malley told the studio audience.

Dr. Phil said he would dedicate a whole month of shows – in December – on the alien invasion.

Many in the audience were frightened and confused.  Several of the audience members left wondering if Dr. Phil, himself, was an alien from Planet Gootan.

Is it true?  Is Dr. Phil an alien?