CHICAGO,  IL –  Oprah reveals her big family secret on Monday.   She has an identical twin!
Earlier this week, Oprah Winfrey announced that she will have an out of the ordinary show this Monday. Winfrey explained to her audience that she will be reunited with a special family member from her past. Harpo Inc. declined to give any further information regarding the reunion, shedding little light on the details beyond a few quotes from Winfrey herself.
“I was given some news that literally shook me to my core. This time, I’m the one being reunited,” she said. “I was keeping a family secret for months, and on Monday you’re going to hear it straight from me.”
The Weekly World News will not wait for the Big O to divulge her little secret. We put our crack investigative team on the case to uncover the Oprah family dirt. After hours and hours of searching and sleuthing, up and down, in and out, tapping all of our sources, WWN finally discovered who the mystery guest will be for this Monday’s show.
Oprah has an identical twin!
The thought of the queen of media having a twin should not be that much of a surprise. Winfrey was born a bastard child to unmarried teenage parents – Vernon Winfrey and Vernita Lee.  Being that her parents were children themselves, when Vernita Lee gave birth, alone, to twin girls she immediately knew that she could only care for one.
Vernita Lee left Oprah’s sister, Orpah,  in a picnic basket at the steps of the French Camp Academy, a 900-acre Christian boarding school and community, some 30 odd miles from Kosciusko, Mississippi, where the girls were born. Oprah has always said that her name on her birth certificate was Orpah – but now we know that there were two names on two birth certificates.
The young, single mother was heartbroken to leave Orpah, but she knew that it was the right thing to do.
It is unclear what happened to the Orpah after she was abandoned. Did she flourish in the Christian community and devote a life to the ministry? Did she run away and succumb to an unsavory lifestyle on the streets of Jackson, MS? Did she garner the same level of success as her superstar sister?
To find out the answers to these questions and many more, all of us will have to watch this Monday’s episode. The Oprah Winfrey Show airs Monday through Friday at 4pm on ABC.
Don’t miss this episode; it is a show that you will never forget!

38 thoughts on “OPRAH'S FAMILY SECRET”

  1. why the negatity from some of you? If you don't get the true meaning behind Oprah then don't watch or visit this site. Gravitate to what resonates with you. Oprah has changed my life for the better and we're not in a "cult" here. She is genuinely compassionate and has taught me so much about the real meaning of life.

  2. This site was clearly in error. Historically, this has not been viewed as a real news journal.
    Did you make up the stuff you wrote? Go join FOX News.

  3. I have to agree with some of you. Oprah appears to be self centered and vain. As we say back home, Get off the throne, we need the wood!

  4. One thing that's true about Oprah she always recognize that there is a higher power,if you claim to know Jesus and find it easy to pull others down what should we say about you, lets Pray for others and take the plank out of our own eyes. Who can cast the first stone Love not Hate and thank God her sister found her. People who hate their life find it easy to hate others do something good and love life. There is no Power grater than the Power of God Oprah knows that.Her sister knows Jesus Christ as Lord and knows the power of Prayer. I Pray that God will continue to bless them with spiritual blessing.

  5. I am happy that Oprah finally gave some attention to the military men, women and their families. I think the war would be over if our leaders and government officials were aware of how the war destroys and or change families forever. I am a military wife ,I know the pain; I see the solders at VA. Many solders do not even have good wheel chairs .

  6. greetings
    I am a ugandan male aged 16 from Hoima district.Thats where I am schooling in form 4. Iam the last in the family of 20 and my dad has a low earning job.
    I fell in love with you when i saw you on WBSTV. I would also want help from you.
    I will be glad when my reply is granted.

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