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BREAKING NEWS – Fox  is developing the Weekly World News television show!

The only question is, who is going to play Bat Boy:

1) Chris Kattan?

2)  Britney Spears?

C) Larissa Riquelme?

Here’s the exciting report by Michael Schneider in today’s Variety:

Bat Boy call your agent!

Fox is developing a half-hour sitcom based on the supermarket tabloid Weekly World News.

Scribes John Aboud and Michael Colton (“Leverage”) are on board to turn the rag — known for its coverage of all things UFO, Bigfoot, Elvis (who’s apparently still alive) and other anomalies – into a sitcom.

Twentieth Century Fox TV and DreamWorks TV are producing.  DreamWorks TV toppers Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank are exec producing with Aboud and Colton.

The team behind the Weekly World News brand are also heavily involved.  Led by CEO Neil McGinness, the tabloid has been looking at new ways to exploit its edgy and well-known brand.

Scribes’ other credits include feature “The Comebacks” and Fox animated series “Sit Down, Shut Up.”

The Weekly World News which boasted that it told nothing but the truth no matter how outlandish the report stopped printing in 2007.  The paper continues via its website, however, recently confirming that XBox Kinect was created by aliens and that rapper Lil’ Wayne planned to join the priesthood, among other stories.