MOUNT KISCO, NY – Sandra “Semi-Homemade” Lee, live-in girlfriend of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, has  unveiled her gubernatorial recipes!
Her beau’s State of the State speech was the perfect opportunity to surprise him with a spread of patriotism, enthusiasm, and love for the state of New York, all created from a blend of household and box-store items. She decided to keep any references to Albany, New York’s capital, as far away as possible. Cuomo is taking over a state rocked by budget crisis and a capital shocked by scandal.

The decadent, yet affordable menu included sizzling New York Strip, crispy upstate fingerling potatoes, broccoli pie made with local Wal-mart vegetables, and big, strong gingercake men for dessert.

Lee stayed away from anything Italian, lasagna in particular even though it is reportedly Cuomo’s favorite. She knows better. After hearing that “Sandy” makes her lasagna with cottage cheese, Andrew’s mother Matilda Cuomo, famously remarked, “That’s not how you make lasagna!
Lee has also renamed one of her signature cocktails. The drink once known as the “Passionpolitan” is now the “Passionpolitician.” According to an assistant on Lee’s cocktail team, “She just had to change it. It’s one of Andy’s faves. They both love the new name.” The sweet, strong recipe includes pineapple and cranberry juices, tequila, vodka, gin, and passionfruit rum.

Rumors have been swirling for months about a pending engagement. After meeting at a Hamptons cocktail party five years ago, the pair has managed to thrive independently in their careers and grow stronger as a couple. In recent interviews, Lee has kept mum about any potential nuptials, even growing angry and refusing further questions from prying reporters.
Lee lives in Cuomo’s Westchester County home and spends plenty of time with his three daughters. The girls, all children of Cuomo and his ex-wife Kerry Kennedy, have taken to calling the “Semi-Homemade” star “Semi-Mom.”
Another of Lee’s potent concoctions greets Cuomo every night when he returns to the family home. “Kissable” is an intoxicating mix of milk, orange flavored vodka, and white crème de cacao. Housekeeping reports that it does the trick.


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