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HOLLYWOOD – Zach Galifianakis announced today that he is going to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Zach Galifianakis, the Hangover star and the host of the popular late night talk show,  Between Two Ferns, told reporters that he will be undergoing gender reassignment surgery over the holidays and will be Sasha Galifianakis by January.

“I always wanted to have a vagina with me at all times.  And now my dream will come true.:

Galifianakis went on to say that he plans on getting 38DD size breasts because “I plan to fondle myself.  The bigger the breasts, the easier to fondle.”

Producers of the Hangover 2 plan on using Galifianakis’ sex change in the storyline.   “We thought about having Mel Gibson in the movie, feeding him to the lions in a Las Vegas circus act, but then Zach said that he thought it’d be ‘funnier’ if he had his genitals cut off and became a woman during the movie,” said producer Jay Savorsky   “It was a brilliant idea and we’re running with it.”

Galifianakis said he will start his life as a woman in a strip club.  “I’ve always loved dancing on a pole and now I’ll be able to do it as a woman.  I will know life from both sides of the pole.  And that’s good.”

Galifianakis said he is also  looking forward to being a mother.  He loved carrying a baby in Hangover and can’t wait to “pop one out on my own.”

Galifianakis is also working on a deal to have his sex change operation broadcast as a live Pay-Per-View special.  He wants to have Ben Stiller host the event.

WWN wishes Zach, and Sasha, all the best.