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SAN FRANCISCO – Today, September 29th, is officially “Get Naked Day.”  So let it all out!

This is the second annual Get Naked Day, which was created by two avowed nudsists, Tom Hillstrom of Palo Alto, CA and Jennifer Wilson, of Woostock, NY.

“Jennifer and I decided we wanted to share the joy we feel from being naked with our friends, families and co-workers.  Last year, in San Francisco, we announced the First Annual Get Naked Day and it was a smash hit,” said Hillstrom.  “Offices, school, grocers stores… there were naked people everywhere!”

“We are all nudists.  We are born nude and we die nude, unless we have clothes on, but underneath we still are nude,” said Wilson.

The organizers of Get Naked Day are simply encouraging everyone – young, old, kids, seniors, blind, disabled, prisoners and healthcare workers to experience the joy of being nude.

“It’s really a way for us to promote peace, because underneath it all, we are all naked and if we all walk around and see that everyone is just as naked as we are, then we can unite the planet and end all wars,” said Hillstrom.

“We thought about calling it Get Naked for Peace Day, but that was too hard to remember, so we are just going with Get Naked Day,” said Wilson.

Organizers are hoping to get 20% of all citizens in America to take off their clothes and walk around in the buff all day.  “We want 20% naked this year, 30% naked next year and by 2020, we want 80% of America to be naked on September 29th.  We have a dream,” said Hillstrom.

“Dogs and cats get to be naked, why can’t we?” said Sunshine Kilo – a San Francisco resident who not only gets naked on September 29th, but is naked most every other day of the year, much to her neighbor’s chagrin.

“She’s got a saggy pimple butt, who wants to look at a damned saggy pimple butt all day long,” said Roland Johnson. “Disgusting.”

Hillstrom responded. “It’s not about’ the looking’, it’s about ‘the being’.  And frankly, I love her butt.  It’s a good-looking butt.”

Well, what is disgusting to some is beauty to others.  Either way, just Get Naked!

Members of the Get Naked Club of Chicago have taken it a step forward.  They are urging everyone in Illinois to Vote Naked in November.  Check it out!: