TAMPA BAY, FL – The Rays are using an interesting technique to get fans in the seats!
The Tampa Bay Rays are one of the most interesting teams in sports. They are really good – with a great mix if pitching, defense and offensive power. Not to mention they have a chance to finish ahead of the NY Yankees and with the best record in the American League – potentially securing home field advantage for the playoffs. That doesn’t seem to mean anything to the people of Tampa Bay. The Rays have had once of the worst attendance records of the season – falling somewhere in the bottom third of the MLB. A fact that puts a damper on such an impressive season.
Rays’ stars David Price and Evan Longoria are not happy with the support the team has received from the fans.
“Had a chance to clinch a post season spot tonight with about 10,000 fans in the stands … embarrassing,” Price Tweeted, referring to the Rays Monday night game.
Longoria told the St. Petersburg Times that it’s “embarrassing” and “disheartening” to have only 12,446 in Tropicana Field for a game in which they could have clinched a playoff berth.
“We go out there and play hard for 162 games and for the fans to show the kind of support they’re showing right now, you kind of wonder what else you have to do as a player,” Longoria added.
While the players’ comments are right on the money, they didn’t exactly create good press. The team has had to do some damage control and what better way to do so that to give away free tickets to Wednesday night’s game – 20,000 to be exact. And by free they mean no charge, gratis … they will cost you nothing.
While the crowd on Monday night was the fourth smallest of the season for the Rays, one can assume that at least 20,000 will appear at tonight’s game – you can at least hope that free tickets will draw a crowd out.
If the Rays cannot give away tickets it just might mean that baseball is not meant to be played in St. Petersburg, FL. The Rays are smack in the middle of a Pennant race and they are having to bribe fans to come to a game. What a shame, but a great show of action by Ray’s leadership.

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4 thoughts on “TAMPA BAY RAYS GIVE AWAY 20,000 TICKETS”

  1. The negative spin on a good deed is pretty pathetic!!! A a time when money is tight – Im sure if given the choice a fan would spend expendable income on a Playoff game ticket v/s a end of the season regular game. Im sick of all the negative media coverage on an area that is a great place to live!!!!!!!!! Go Rays!Go Bucs! Go USF!!!!!


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